A Weekend in Mui Ne

Mui Ne beach is a luxurious place, a place for holiday makers to come and stretch out into the sun and soak up the warm rays, a place to get soothing massages and dine on deliciously tasting food. I’d call it the Koh Samui of Vietnam. The beach is lined with expensive hotel, after expensive hotel, with nice restaurants in between.

Mui Ne is a hotspot for windsurfers because of the large amount of… well wind, that crashes amongst this coast line. With clouds constantly blocking our hope of getting a tan and none of us being particularly good windsurfers, we had to look afield. We rented a jeep to some local sand dunes where we hired quad bikes and drove around these towering sand dunes, massive beasts of nature. Acting out scenes from Thelma and Louise, we sped through the soft grains of sand, tumbling over smooth bumps, and speeding around tight corners. I would recommend hiring quad bikes as it is wonderful to feel the wind in your face and the sand flinging behind you, whilst avoiding hiking up very steep sand dunes to race down it, whilst getting a mouthful of sand. I also recommend visiting the fairy stream, not the most breath taking sight, but still an interesting sight to see. Take your shoes off and wander barefoot down the bubbling stream that floats past smiling locals, large ever green fields, and beautiful formations in the sand made by cutting edges of the stream.

I went with a group of girls I volunteered with and we stayed at ‘The Backpacker Hostel’ the only hostel around that provided clean accommodation, in a home stay setting but with the same friendly and social vibes you would find at a hostel. We found ourselves drinking cocktails at a bar overlooking the beach and wondered straight (as that’s the only way you can go- straight and straight some more) leading us into a secluded club on the beach, where we ended up dancing with a very friendly prostitute, til the sun began to rise and dogs began to bark at us.

The next day we crawled out of bed to an upmarket hotel with a spa nearby and got massages, a popular activity to do because of the large choice of spa’s that are available. Now this massage place was one that people dream of. Sculptures in every corner, lilies on the perfect white sheets, and a view that overlooks the sea, the hour went by in a flash. Turning round to thank my masseuse, who did an amazing job (definitely the second best massage I have ever had), I found to my shock and surprise- it was a familiar face, the prostitute I’d made friends with on the dancefloor from the night before. Interesting.

Id recommend Mui Ne if you want a more upmarket version of Nha Trang with more a sophisticated clientèle and choice of restaurants, as well as a much quieter ambience, rather than loud and boisterous Nha Trang.