Paradise of Koh Pi Pi

Koh Pi Pi is the smallest island- and no doubt the most beautiful island in Thailand. When people dream of incredible white beaches, craggy cliffs filled with cheeky monkeys and friendly insects, azure waters filled with anchoring traditional Thai Long Boats boats: Pi Pi springs to mind. I mean, honestly, I have been to some incredible beaches in Asia, and Pi Pi is definitely in the Top 10. Koh Pi Pi is so beautiful, more and more tourists are flocking to this island. Either families to appreciate the beauty, or young British people to appreciate its buckets, which means this island although booming, is finding it difficult to keep up with this overloading influx of tourists.

There are no roads or cars here, just bicycles that zip in and past tourists that plod along taking in all types of beauty and nursing pounding hangovers. However, with Thailand being the most sought out destination for young backpackers, unfortunately this island is heaving with people and there is little crowd control. With the masses of people, comes masses of rubbish and this island is not the perfect paradise it once was.

Phi Phi

Many tourists have heard of this destination because of the famous movie, ‘The Beach’, where Leo and his mates filmed at Maya Bay, a short boat ride away from the main centre of Koh Pi Pi. But those that watch the news, recognise the island due the tragedy of a powerful and destructive tsunami in 2004 that savagely tore apart many people’s lives. Despite this, locals still offer you a welcoming smile, only if you illustrate your purposes of visiting are different to most of the visitors on this island, cultural not alcoholic.

Phi Phi Phi Phi

The small town is full of pricey and diverse restaurants, cheap food stalls, clothing shops catered for any type of tourist and knick knacks that will weigh down your backpack. Take a day trip to the nearby sights of Monkey Beach, where monkeys own the beach (and don’t try take it away from them!), Ray Ley Island, Blue Lagoon, Viking Cave and of course Maya Bay.

Phi Phi

After seeing the sunset on Maya Bay, I unfortunately did a Leo and needed to return, to stay and not leave. Maybe it was beach fever or excitement, either way, I returned the next day. Going on a tour just for the purposes of Maya Bay, meant that I joined the lucky few to have the beach for ourselves. We slept under the map of stars above and listened to the lapping of the waves that rocked us to sleep.Phi Phi

Not only were days spent here great, but the night life was fun and had a large variety of choice. Join the masses by drinking in Irish Bar and heading down to the beach to dance with the rowdy and merry backpackers, necking back shots every hour. It is hard to escape the noisy night life and the notorious drinking scene, however Banana Bar, a rooftop bar with a fantastic view of Pi Pi, plays movies every night, or if you fancy watching or participating in Thai Kickboxing, you could just head to the Reggae Bar and watch two backpackers try their hand at boxing.

Phi Phi