Bland Vientiane

Vientiane, being the capital of Laos, is a busy city but I felt it had little character or unique flair behind it. Rarely visited by tourists I questioned why this was so, but after two days in the city I soon found out why. Although having the importance of being a capital city there was little to do and seemed to be mainly an industrial city where people would work, work and work, and which tourists used as a stopover or to catch a certain flight.


The sights in Vientiane are small in comparison to the massive city that engulfs these sights. Check out Wat SiSaket Temple, a temple based in a Buddhist monastery that had beautiful architecture within.


Head to the Victory Arch, inspired by the Arc De Triumphe, where locals and backpackers both try to out do each other for the most original picture. You can climb to the top of the sight for a panoramic view of the city.


I recommend Buddha Park, which is on the outskirts of the city, and the only thing I actually enjoyed and I feel, made my visit worthwhile in Vientiane. Here there are beautiful religious stone structures carved out in shapes to amuse, terrify, inspire or educate. Enjoy clambering through and up and down them for a great picture.

Vientiane Vientiane



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