A Beautiful Time in Four Thousand Islands

Four thousand islands in Laos, established in the name, is a variety of islands south of the mainland of Laos. The most popular island and the one we ventured to was: Don Det. Arriving midday to an island surrounded by strong currents and beautiful natural landscapes we were taken back by how quiet the whole island was. Wandering around the island empty of tourists made our stay seem surreal, giving us a large advantage in choice of numerous restaurants and chill out bars. It seemed there was little to do here except cycle around the island- embracing the quiet nature of the place and the wind in your hair, or relax and watch the ever changing colourful sunsets that burst onto the landscape whilst snoozing in a swinging hammock. I could see why tourists could easily lose track of time here as everything is so, relaxed and easy.

4000 Islands Unfortunately the flooding over the season meant that we could not cross the bridge from Don Det to Don Khon, a large island nearby. However, over our stay we organised a kayaking trip around both islands where we saw numerous waterfalls, dolphins and lunched on Cambodian soil. There are similar trips available to other islands and fishing trips, although it seemed there was little to offer in four thousand islands except watch the world float by. If you have a long trip and want to take some time out and relax, I would recommend stopping here and resting your tired feet and weary soul.

4000 Islands

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Time in Four Thousand Islands

  1. i spent two weeks in 4000 islands doing nothing but eating, reading, playing guitar, smoking weed and lying in my hammock. it was incredible.


    1. truthfultravellor June 18, 2013 — 10:07 am

      I knew that was you even before I read your email address haha yes I can see how you fell in love with the place it was beautiful! Yes we chilled at the reggae bar as well 😉 hope your good!


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