I had the luck of meeting this lovely bunch of lads when they came to play at Sound Control in Manchester. These guys have known each other for a while and over time decided to merge their various music styles together to combine: Coasts. The name of the band sums up the essence and style of music that they bring, a “beachy” feel of tracks that similar to the motion of waves on the sea, are strong, and are filled with passionate lyrics combined with a heavy chorus that many can sing along too and enjoy.

Although trying to squeeze the juicy gossip out of these boys whilst on tour, and failing massively- might I add, we do chat about their music, as well as beach topics. When I had this interview these guys had done various UK and European tours, and were soon to dominate the US. However, only last week I heard the band: Coasts on BBC Radio 1. This made me very excited that they have hit the bigtime, they deserve it.

Check out full interview here:

Check out this tune of theirs “Stay”: