Craig Charles

I managed to bag an interview with the incredible Craig Charles whilst he played at our student event, Pangaea. I’m not really sure how or why I got this interview, but to be quite frank, I was over the moon to meet him. Being a big fan of Robot Wars as a kid, I was dying to ask what happened to the show. He is also known for his acting skills in Red Dwarf, Coronation Street and various other television shows, a poet, a writer and a funk and soul DJ. In fact, he plays a monthly set at Band on the Wall in Manchester if you would like to go see him. Advised by my friends who had seen his sets before that he would be intoxicated as “he is always is”, I knew that the interview would be a funny one.

Unfortunately, the interview below is an edited and a PG version. The real interview was actually 10 minutes long as we got constantly side-tracked by his hilarious jokes for example, me: “You are known for many things…”, Craig “Mainly MASTURBATION”- but I cannot include these due to legal reasons, and my ass might get sued. But hey, they can’t stop me talking about them right? All jokes aside, Craig is a wonderful guy and is talented at so many things. He was inspired by a young age in Liverpool by the music that surrounded his childhood and he told me that all the bands such as The Beatles had stolen their sounds and roots from black music, “Black Power!” which although jokingly stated, and now edited out, is true. When I spoke to Greg Wilson, he also said the same thing.

Craig is a busy man with many of his talents taking him off to various branches as you will find out in the interview. He said to me that keeping himself busy is good for him otherwise he will, “stagnate like a bad apple and rot”, which has also been edited out due to legal reasons, but as you can see in the interview, he’s a good apple through and through.

The interview includes why Robot Wars stopped so if you’re dying to know, here you go: