Creamfields Festival was the first dance festival I went to. Being late in August in the summer of 2010, I was excited by the fact I did not have to pretend I was old enough to buy alcohol, but would be able to because of my legal age.

Creamfields being about an hour away from Liverpool is handy for northerners who want to take a load of drugs and rave to artists. But that’s it. Driving from near London, looking back at it now, I would have rather gone to another festival. Yes the line-up was sick, but at 4am everyone goes back to their tents and does nothing. No after parties and nothing is left open. I am sure there was a fair few ravers up till daylight, but as a whole, it seemed this festival was lacking some form of community aspect, or even something other than just music and tents. Maybe it’s because I have become arrogant about festivals, maybe it’s because I know of others that have more value for money but either way, I just wasn’t that impressed.

Some may argue, that at other festivals there are people who take drugs and rave such as Global Gathering , (southern version of Cream fields but slightly different) Boomtown or Parklife- but at least these festivals both have something more. I understand this festival might be of ease and convenience for those who live up north and love that music (If it had every dance artist I ever wanted to see I would most likely return to be honest) but I just felt it was a bit bland. Each stage looked the same with simple tents, food vendors and with no day time or after party entertainment, I won’t be returning.

Although, of course the artists I saw: smashed it. These were; DeadMau5, David Guetta, High Contrast, Caspa, Rusko, Zinc, Major Lazer, Ms Dynamite (who was a highlight), and Zinc.

We were pretty blessed with the weather as recently Creamfields has suffered from flooding, but hey so has Glastonbury and no one stops going there do they? Hopefully this festival has grown in the last four years and now has more to it, whether it be in staging, lighting, design or entertainment, so it can keep up with the competition from other festivals. Although I have given Creamfields a fairly negative review, the range of music and scale of artists that play there are fantastic. So hats off to you for that Creamfields.