First Timer at Guilfest

My first ever festival I went to was Guilfest. A local day festival within my area of Guildford, where young teenagers flocked in hope to escape the boredom of Surrey Hills to spend hours in the dance tent. Being six years ago my memory of the festival is pretty hazy, although I was introduced to a mosh pit for the first time. Going into a dimly lit tent full of harsh lights and bodies flinging limbs around a circle, I jumped in much to my own amusement. Soon after we left and found the dance tent. Much more like home. There I easily joined the sweaty jumpy hybrid of people feeling the fast collection of beats and although sober (unlike most of the people surrounding us), at that moment I fell in love with dance music.

The artists that played at Guilfest were well known I saw Bowling For Soup and oddly enough Blondie where I saw this tune:

From that date on, I fell in love with festivals and not only did I want to go to a festival every year, I had to.