Flux Pavilion

After I had interviews with the artists at Oxjam, I relished at the thought of being able to interview a variety of artists who play in Manchester, at a number of venues, so I began to contact every possible venue and artist I could.

The first artist who got back to me? Flux Pavilion. Flux Pavilion is a world renowned electronica artist or dubstep DJ, some might see him as, and most recently, singer songwriter. And with over 1 million likes on Facebook, flying around the world playing gigs, as well as being the artist who made me fall in love with dubstep, I was ecstatic. I think the main reason why I scored this interview was the email I sent to the manager- pretty much saying how much I loved him and how it would be a great opportunity.

However, this interview was no repeat of the Akala incident, as this time, I was prepared for the interview and we did it in one of the dressing rooms at the Manchester Academy (which soon was to be a regular occurrence for me) rather than at the side of the stage.

Flux, aka Joshua Steele, was lovely, down to earth and cared passionately about the music he created which came through within the interview. We chatted about his recent tour in America, the good ol rave days and where crowds were the most responsive.

Feel free to watch the full interview here:
And yes, I did not realise you could see straight up my skirt. Well you learn something new every time!