Greg Wilson

I managed to grab an interview with the legendary DJ Greg Wilson, who has been contributing to the music industry for a vast amount of time. Being a mancunion, he saw the rise of electro and dance music in Manchester and responded well to this new music-packing out clubs such as Legends and Hacienda- which if you haven’t heard of, then you really should.

Greg Wilson became a pioneer in his mixing skills, being the first DJ to mix live on British TV as well as even creating a new genre of music, electro funk in New York, which then caused an immediate response that spread around the globe like wild fire.

Greg has been nominated for various DJ magazines for outstanding contribution to music (no wonder with a track record like that) and still dominates sound cloud, venues and the music industry with his enormous talent, merging classic disco tracks with modern sounds. Greg is passionate about highlighting the birth of music and where individual genres have originated and does so by blogging about books, television and film, which in the following YouTube interview we chat about.

Being such a gem to the music industry in the past and present, it made me feel very privileged to chat to him, and when he treated me as an equal, excitingly educating me on what he knew, I felt inspired by him.

Here is the YouTube interview:

Check out his Sound Cloud: