Illaman- “Surround yourself with legends and fuck everyone else”

Illaman used to be MC on an old rave pirate station at the age of 14, which meant he was constantly surrounded by such a variety of music, which made Illaman open to create music for a number of different genres. Illaman is most definitely one of the most hardworking MCs around; he acts as a MC for a number of artists at a number of venues, but is also a part of Problem Child- a rap group that has an insane level of rhyme.

Not only does he work hard and play hard, but he is also a really nice guy. Welcoming us into the interview with strong JD’s and a lot of banter made me a fan of his for life. In this interview we chat about what got him into music, festivals and his love: Problem Child.

Check out his bars at 6 mins in.

He still blows my mind. My face kinda says it all really.