Inspired by Akala

At the minute I am writing an article about inspiring modern figures for an on line magazine I am interning for and came across the fantastic work Akala does.

For those of you who don’t know who he is here’s a brief description:
Akala is an English rapper, poet and journalist. Akala was a talented mathematician during his youth, but he declined prestigious university offers to follow his dream of having a career in the music industry. Many of Akala’s songs carry deep moral messages based on heavily researched facts that intertwine to create social and political messages that impact a large community. Akala challenges the traditional style of hip hop by incorporating his passion for Shakespeare into his work. He does this by giving talks on behalf of the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company, to illustrate that rap is a powerful form of poetry, a platform that supplies knowledge and creativity to many. Akala is a fantastic role model for the wider community to illustrate the essence of Hip Hop and the powerful tool it is, as well as the younger generation to recognise what they are able to achieve. I mean if his work was taught in schools, I’m sure more of the children would actually learn something!

Check out the website that highlights what the company does:

And check this rap out.. fantastic rhythm rhyme and pace.. this man is talented!