Interviewing Akala (Or Not In My Case)

The first interview I did with a musician was with Akala. It all happened in one quick blur, one moment I was dancing on stage with his manager, the next I was there chatting to him.

In my final year of University I took full advantage of my role as Head of Entertainment for the student TV station, Fuse TV Manchester, as well as the large scope of music in Manchester. I decided to carry on with a programme which only had two videos but a perfect concept, “Dressing Room Diaries.”

However, how I landed chatting to Akala was at a student festival called Pangaea, known and celebrated well at the University of Manchester. It was fresher’s week and we had been given consent to film on all the stages, which we had never been given before. It was a breakthrough that I am proud of and later on at the year I used this access to our advantage, organising interviews with various artists whom were performing at the event. Myself and the camera lady were on stage whilst Akala was playing and when he dropped Shakespeare, I was a little bit… excited.

The lady next to me seeing my enthusiasm then asked: “Who are you guys?” I turned around and said: “Oh we are with student TV”. To which she replied, “I am his manager, would you like an interview?” I obviously jumped at the chance and after he finished his track he came off stage and we commenced the interview. Now, at that time in my presenting career, I had only interviewed students, the public and members of the Exec. Never had I interviewed someone famous, especially after seeing them smash a set to the whole of your uni, or with little preparation, and my experience of presenting was four months. So one could say I was a little nervous. Looking back at the video I cringe with embarrassment. I pretty much shat myself. I repeated the same phrases, I had weird scary eyes and I stumbled with my unimaginative words.

Although, looking from where I once was to where I am now, I am proud of myself, of the presenting skills I have developed. Just I’m not proud of this video. At all.