Kanye at Wireless

In 2009 I ventured to Wireless Festival (my second ever festival, another day one) where I was brought to the attention of a different type of punters whom I hadn’t encountered before. These punters are here to dress to impress, to take multiple selfies throughout the entire weekend and plan their clothes for the weekend, rather than what artists they want to see. Never had I seen so many ass cheeks out and perfect hair styles (I was in for a treat years to come at Parklife but little did I know that). Being set in Hyde Park, in the heart of London, it seemed that the festival was squashed into place, the stages weren’t large enough and all food vendors were in one area with no other extra entertainment making the festival seem more like a gig. The day opened with The Noisettes most famous for this song:

Hilariously, someone was on the phone in the front phone and the lead singer saw, walked right up to him, took his phone off him and over the microphone stated “He’ll call you back”. What a sassy beautiful woman.
Also that day we saw N- Dubz (embarrassingly I did know all the words to ‘I Swear’) as well as Kid Cudi and Flo Rida who was placed on a tiny stage and much to the amusement of the audience got girls to get up and “get low” whilst wearing his massive pimp chain- believe me I tried HARD to get up there and be one of those girls!

Although the act who stole the show was Kanye West with hit songs such as Heartless and Stronger wearing a solo glove imitating Michael Jackson, another famous diva, surrounded by stunning naked girls painted in gold as if statues. So Kanye.

Still, seeing one of my favourite tracks did make me very happy: