Kryder came out of nowhere to literally becoming one of the biggest names in the dance industry, dominating dance floors and arenas around the world. Djing at the age of 12, and producing at the age of 15 meant for Kryder: music would always be at the heart of what he does. When his urge to play his music fell on deaf ears, Kryder began to promote his own nights forcing the public to hear the fusion of genres he plays.

Playing with Tiesto in 2011 meant that Kryder finally got the recognition that he deserves. Famous for wearing his visor and being oh so allusive, this was the first time he actually showed his face in quite a while, with me, on behalf of the student TV station, Fuse TV Manchester.

Kryder has a wide range of music knowledge and you can see his passion for this, in the interview whilst talking about his influences and what he listens to. I caught up with him at “Bass Face” a night held at Sound Control in Manchester where Danny Howard, Mista Jam, Kryder and DJ EZ played. Hanging out in the dressing room waiting for our interview with Kryder, I caught a glimpse of what life is like for the rich and famous whilst playing at a venue. I soon found out that Mista Jam wasn’t the polite respecting person I assumed he was, much to my disappointment. I also got incredibly star struck by DJ EZ, who gave me a warm smile when he saw me staring at him. I’m afraid all I could muster up was a “hi how are you?” to which he replied “I’m good how are you?” Luckily I managed to respond to the easiest question in the world, but I wish I could have shaken his hand and said how much I loved his music.

Maybe next time.

Reaching over a thousand views for this video, I am extremely happy that so many people have watched this as they can see how great Kryder is as a person, a funny character who I would love to party with, as well as a fantastic music artist. I advise you all to get tickets for his next gig in the UK, he is not often here!

Check out the interview:

Oh and watch this video of him absolutely smashing it at Warehouse Project!