LTJ Bukem and DJ Hype at Fabric

Dressed Head to Toe in a Leather Cat suit- which pretty quickly I recognised was a bad move for a Drum and Bass night, adorned with freaky cat eye contact lenses and with a friend who had a face painted like a skeleton, it seemed we were the only ravers in the club that recognized it was Halloween. Most of the surrounding drum and bass fans were solely there to show their appreciation for DJ Hype and LTJ Bukem. With entry being just ten pounds after 3am, it seemed that the club let in hundreds of party goers following the sounds of beats and bass like a moth to a flame.

DJ Hype, more commonly known for his late night Drum and Bass slot as a DJ for Kiss, has developed a strong partnership with Fabric which over time seems to have blossomed and strengthened, which has led him to become a resident DJ. DJ Hype manages to slip in essences of hip hop, reggae, house and jungle into his drum and bass fusion making his music diverse to listen to and something you can’t stop moving to, time and time again at Fabric.

At the same time DJ Hype was playing his set so was LTJ Bukem (why is that always the case?!) I had seen LTJ Bukem at Boom Town Festival in August 2013 where problems with the stage Sound System meant that LTJ Bukem wasn’t as great as I anticipated. However, the bass sound systems of Fabric could handle resident LTJ Bukem’s melodic jazzy beats of drum and bass which meant Room 2 was filled with people who like me, were also in deep appreciation of his work.

With the supporting artists for both DJ Hype and LTJ Bukem also equally fantastic artists- Nu:Tone and DJ Hazard, I found it difficult to leave one room for another. Although under one genre of music, Drum and Bass, each room seemed to be completely different worlds. Room 1 with Hazard and Hype was the Drum and Bass that everyone perceives to be Drum and Bass; fast and furious, whilst Room 2 took you on a smooth trance like journey.

But then there was Room 3. 6 hours of Scratch Perverts. I find it hard to sit still for 6 hours, let alone mix live for 6 hours to hundreds of people. Scratch Perverts are a trio known for their history with Hip Hop and their love for dubstep, drum and bass and turntables, which by the sounds they were creating, was obvious to all who spent time in Room 3.

Once again Fabric, you failed to disappoint. See you soon.