Mad Professor and Maxxi SoundSystem

Unfortunately for interviews with both Mad Professor and Maxxi Soundsystem we had problems with the quality of the interview. I say we, but honestly it was the camera woman who had problems with the quality. Frustratingly, she avoided telling me that it was too loud/ too dark for the interviews, so I couldn’t amend it at the time, thus the footage was unusable. However, I do remember aspects of the interview and I still want to share them with you.

Mad Professor

Mad Professor is a cutie. He was so happy to see me and although munching on an Indian takeaway, he was happy to have the filmed interview as scheduled. Mad Professor has been creating dub for decades. And I mean decades. He has created over 100 tracks and works closely with the Godfather of dub, Lee Scratch Perry. Apparently, they go way back and their best mates, relying on each other for advice and inspiration. From basements in London, Mad Professor is now playing all over the world – he was keen to tell me that he will be in the Philippines in March which is when I am travelling around Asia at the time, and happily invited me to his gig (which reminds me I really need to take him up on his offer) he then started to ignore my questions, preferring to ask me questions instead, which emphasizes the sort of guy he is.

Mad Professor focuses on highlighting positive vibes within his music and focusing on messages that need to be heard, such as inequality and racism. It was a massive privilege to meet and chat to someone who has been in the industry for so long and is so passionate about what he does. :

Maxxi SoundSystem

Maxxi Soundsystem started out as a resident DJ for one of the hottest clubs in Brighton, Audio. After remixing one of the biggest tracks “Just Let Me Dance” and “Criticize”, DJ’s all over the world began playing his work. He told me nonchalantly in the interview, that he never intended nor thought his tracks would make it so big, as he actually did both remixes quite quickly, in his bedroom studio.

Oh look at how things have changed.

He informed me of how wild Brighton had been and how it pushed him into life as a DJ- he said this whilst casually sipping an orange juice with vodka- you do need your party juice! I asked how it has been for him, now playing in gigs and venues all over the world and playing at a number of large festivals and he replied that he was shocked and enthused to do so, whilst making me giggle throughout. Maxxi Soundsystem is another down to earth guy who enjoys a laugh and loves what he is doing- making people dance. So if you like his track below, then get a ticket to see him!