Oxjam: Blanty, Fitz, Charlie Cooper and Bo Keeney

My interview here was with a musician who was a kind guy (if you watch the video you will see why he is such a babe) called Blanty at a music event called Oxjam in Manchester. This was an event that supported the charity Oxfam and also new and upcoming artists in the city and surrounding areas, where we saw a great range of artists such as Fitz, a band which is a cross between folk and indie who played a number of instruments, Charlie Cooper, a jazz and soul artist who sang beautifully and played piano, and Bo Keeney, a guy from LA who combined his funky voice with edgy electronics.

Here are the links to the Oxjam event and interviews with all the bands. And I am so sorry about the sound quality; I promise all my videos are not like this!




Charlie Cooper:

Bo Keeney: