Paper Aeroplanes

I caught up with Sarah from the Paper Aeroplanes, before their gig in Manchester. Paper Aeroplanes create empowering and inspiring music straight from the heart to connect with their audience members. Playing music that is described as similar to huge artists such as Fleetwood Mac, their alternative folk pop sound has been heard by most of the UK and Europe.

Sarah began composing songs at 13 and after losing her best friend and bass player, Nia George to Leukaemia at the age of 21, Sarah was lost. After a period of soul searching, Sarah began composing once again and used the power of music to highlight the emotional sufferings she has been through.

Now on their third album “Little Letters”, Paper Aeroplanes are back stronger and more passionate than before. Check out their Twitter for a gig near you:

And check out the interview where we chat about their sound, odd moments in their music career and their third album: