Global Gathering

Global Gathering is a dance festival set in Avon Park Raceway (a place down south where the ground is hay like and horrific to pitch a tent on). Just after travelling around Vietnam for 6 weeks my friends urged me to come to Global Gathering, especially after the previous year where we all attended Creamfields together (another dance festival just based up by Liverpool). I of course, immediately said yes, not one to turn down a festival- let alone a party, I was there.

All though it had fantastic music, just like Creamfields did, it seemed to be exactly the same sort of atmosphere. People were getting wired at 2pm (I guess people are free to do whatever they want at festivals but isn’t that a bit early? Or am I just too boring?) and the stages were unimaginative, and more importantly, there was nothing to do after 4am. I did go quite a few years ago- 2011 to be honest, and I have had friends who have been recently, who said the festival has improved with their creative staging (one being in a treehouse and one in a bunker is definitely more what I am looking for) although the festival lacks that interactive feel that I crave. I know it is a dance festival and people are there to dance, but at Bestival the dance area was entertaining, it still had much more to offer.

Global Gathering is shut this summer approaching, 2015, which I hope signifies that the organisers are making some drastic changes to create that little bit extra, that sparkle within the festival, to up their game towards the surrounding fierce competition which is not only in the UK but now abroad, specifically with this genre of music, Croatia.

Although it sounds like I didn’t enjoy myself, I did (I always do with music I enjoy and good company) and I saw great artists such as Benny Benassi, Sub Focus, Nero, Tempa T, Chase n Status, Skrillex, Friction, Caspa, Borgore, Pendulum and Modestep. If you are looking for an escape to rave with your mates and you live down South, (rather up north for Creamfields) then Global Gathering is the festival for you.