Having a Bucket List

Here is an article I wrote for the company, Globe Of Love on having a Bucket List and why it acts as a fuel for my enthusiasm towards life. This company is an online magazine that provides inspiration and positive messages around the globe for everyone.

The creation of a bucket list is a list of things, experiences or achievements one hopes to have done before “kicking the bucket”, or in politer terms, when one passes away. The list can be however serious or light-hearted, big or small, daring or safe, as the author of the list wants it. It is their own personal exploration and decisions of their own life. I see a bucket list not as a definitive list of death, or a constant reminder of death, but rather a constant reminder of life itself, of all the exciting things that can be done out there.

The moment I decided to create a bucket list was when I was in my childhood. I had hit a low point in my life and contemplated suicide. As I contemplated ending my life, I shook myself. I thought, I am young and healthy and although I may not enjoy life at this present time, I can spend the rest of my life making sure I am. I want to do new and incredible things so that when I finally hit the hay in years to come, I can look back at my life and think, now I am ready to go. Now I am ready to leave this world, as I have seen and done the things I wanted to do and I am content.

This value which I try and live by I aim to replicate in my everyday thinking, urging others to “go for it” and to do new and exciting things as honestly, no one makes life out alive and so we must live in the present and grab every opportunity we have. My own personal bucket list is not bogged down with material values and economic means but filled with things I want to accomplish, places I want to see and some light hearted things to keep the journey of life entertaining. Although some may argue that getting your perfect career and starting a family are life changing things, I agree completely. I have both on my bucket list too. But some will see those as their life, whilst for me I see it as a part of my life.

There are no rules with a bucket list. I have already adapted my list a few times (eating 28 chicken nuggets I felt wasn’t a life changing experience that deemed worthy of a spot but just made me feel sick) and so it is completely up to the opinion of the author. You can create a monthly bucket list, or even a yearly bucket list filled with things you want to achieve at that period of time to help with reaching certain targets. So, reader, I urge you to stop what your doing and make a bucket list. A list filled with things that you want to do throughout your life.

If you are stuck for ideas here are some examples which are from my own bucket list:

Skydive. Ride a Harley Davidson on Route 66. Hold a tarantula. Do a Rubix Cube. Make the perfect Souffle. Snowboard naked. See the Taj Mahal. Have vodka in Russia. Bungee jump.