5 Paintings You Will Feel Inspired By

Here is an article I wrote for the company, Globe Of Love. The article highlights 5 paintings that are painted by extraordinary artists whom have created magnificent works of art that are utterly breath taking. This company is an online magazine that provides inspiration and positive messages around the globe for everyone.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the most famous paintings of all time has survived a theft and two attacks. Many fly from all over the world to see it in the Louvre, although Leonardo deemed the painting as “unfinished”. What I think is more enlightening is, how did Leonardo, who was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer and a botanist, have time to sleep let alone paint a painting which would be the most known, visited and talked about painting in the world?

The Starry Night by Van Goph

Van Goph suffered from a series of heart breaks and financial and mental hardships, which led him to starve himself so he could carry on with his passion of art and even cut his ear off in a psychotic episode. He painted my favourite painting of all time “The Starry Night,” in a mental clinic after he had been ejected from his house where the local townspeople called him “the red headed mad man”. Although rejected from society and restricted to a small room, Van Goph was able to express himself through art even fighting horrific hallucinations throughout his life, highlighting his genius and his optimism.

A Few Small Nips by Frida Khalo

Being in a bus accident as a child meant that Khalo had continuous relapses throughout her adult life of extreme pain and the positioning of the accident on Khalo’s body meant that Khalo was unable to conceive. As pain was so frequent for her, because of her physical and psychological outbreaks, most of her work stems from that emotion. Despite this, she continued her passions and gained global success through movies, plays and songs dedicated to the work she did. She received much recognition being a Hispanic artist and a woman. Her legacy of creating strong dominant imagery directed from an artist’s feelings will inspire many other artists to come.

The She Wolf by Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock at first was expelled from High School however he did not let his failures deter him. Ignoring the typical style of art in the 1940s, Pollock delivered his own idea of art by having canvases on the wall or floor rather than an easel, and created the style of “drip painting”. This then led Pollock to become an innovator in the abstract expressionist movement. Battling alcoholism throughout his artistic career meant that Pollock had a volatile personality and this can be seen how he created his work: in a frantic frenzy.

Girl With Balloon by Banksy

Banksy’s art is unconventional and unorthodox deemed by many as: pure vandalism. Banksy creates works which are heavily political and illustrate themes such as: greed, poverty, hypocrisy, boredom, despair, absurdity and alienation. Banksy shrouds his identity, at times even going into hiding from the police and putting his life on the line for the creation of art that will inspire and lead the public to question the norm and fight for justice.