Modern Figures You Should Feel Inspired By

Here is an article I wrote for the company, Globe Of Love. This company is an online magazine that provides inspiration and positive messages around the globe for everyone. 

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah had a tough childhood in extreme poverty with little support or care from her mother, or the rest of her family. She was sexually abused as a child and fell pregnant at the age of 14. Running away from home, she was accepted into a new school where she focused her strength and energy into education. Throughout her career, Oprah has suffered racist and sexist abuse, however she rose above this, and now receives the recognition she so rightly deserves from her multi award talk show and her string of books, her own radio station and the philanthropy work she does. Oprah’s work creates a more intimate form of media communication, allowing people to express how they really feel. Oprah is one of the most influential and inspirational woman in the world.

Akala is an English rapper, poet and journalist. Akala was a talented mathematician during his youth, but he declined prestigious university offers to follow his dream of having a career in the music industry. Many of Akala’s songs carry deep messages and heavily researched facts with social and political messages that impact a large community. Akala challenges the traditional style of hip hop by incorporating his passion for Shakespeare into his work. He does this by giving talks on behalf of the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company, to illustrate that rap is a powerful form of poetry, a platform that supplies knowledge to many. Akala is a fantastic role model for the wider community to illustrate the essence of Hip Hop and the powerful tool it is, as well as the younger generation to recognise what they are able to achieve.

Eve Ensler
Eve Ensler is most known as the writer behind ‘The Vagina Monologues’, however she is also a performer, feminist and activist. Having been repeatedly sexually and physically abused as a child, Eve did not suffer in silence but rather vented her anger and frustration at the act itself rather than the person who did it. This then spurred her on to write ‘The Vagina Monologues’ and has led her to write numerous plays, and become the founder of V-Day, a global activist movement against the violence of women. Eve illustrates that no matter what you may suffer yourself, there are other people in the world who need your help more.

Jim Carrey
Carrey had a difficult childhood, as at the age of fifteen, his father lost his job and so Carrey was forced to drop out of school to help support his family through their economic hardship. His father supported his aspirations and although he faced a number of rejections, Carrey continued to develop his craft and he finally began gaining paid shows for his comedy. Carrey then turned to television and film for gigs, however he had ill luck until he had his break through with the comedic movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Carrey is a strong believer in the “law of attraction” which involves focusing and visualising positive thoughts which then leads you to gain the positive result that you had hoped for. Jim Carrey has taught us that no matter what people say about you chasing your dreams, if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything.

Nick Vujicic
Vujicic is an Australian evangelist who was born with no limbs. As a child he struggled to cope mentally, emotionally and physically with this disability. However, undeterred he created his own non-profit organisation called “Life Without Limbs”. He presents motivational speeches worldwide on life with a disability, how to stay hopeful through it all, and finding the meaning in life. Vujuicic is an example of someone who is strong and will use their own lessons in life to help others. He has never given up and still lives an incredible life, even surfing and playing football. It makes us question why we should ever feel down about the small things in life, as there are much larger, more difficult hardships in life you could face. And Vujicic has conquered them.

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder was born blind and never let his lack of sight hold him back from following his dream to become a talented musician. By the age of 11, Wonder had his first music contract, highlighting to all that Wonder was a child genius. Wonder uses his music to combat issues, such as ignorance towards the black community demonstrated by Wonder appealing for Martin Luther King’s Birthday to be a national holiday with the release of his popular track, “Happy Birthday.”

JK Rowling
JK Rowling lost her mother shortly after graduating from University to multiple sclerosis. Rowling then moved to Portugal, where she fell into an abusive marriage. Soon after, Rowling moved back to the UK where she was a single mother for her child. Rowling felt like a failure with no job, no marriage and a child to look after, so as a result she soon became clinically depressed and contemplated suicide. Rowling wrote her novel and after many rejection letters, her novel was bought by a publisher and the rest of her story is history. From rags to multimillion status, JK Rowling has transformed the modern day face of literature, and has inspired the younger generation to read more. She has also donated vast amounts of her wealth to charity, helping others who are in a similar situation she once was.

Sean Swarner
Sean Swarner was diagnosed with two different deadly forms of cancer, one at the age of thirteen and the other at sixteen. After an incredibly poor prognosis the medical community were astounded when Sean battled against cancer and survived. With one lung, 14 days to live and being in a medically induced coma for a year, Sean not only defeated cancer twice, but also gave himself a different challenge to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. He has now completed all seven peaks and is facing even more challenges redefining how the world sees success and illustrating that there are no limitations to what we are capable of achieving.

Muhammad Ali
Ali is a professional boxer who is not only regarded for his skills within the ring, but also his values outside the ring. These values are: religious freedom, racial justice and social activism. Ali refused to enrol for the Vietnam War because of his stance on the war and his religious positioning with Allah. In between his sentencing he gave powerful speeches on the civil rights movement and the anti-Vietnam war movement. Ali was even sent to negotiate with Saddam Hussein in the gulf war. Ali is a face who will always be remembered who physically shook faces within the ring, and outside the ring, emotionally shook the US towards an equal and just society.

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