Goldie and Marcus Intalex

Having both Goldie and Marcus Intalex play under one roof together in one night, for me, felt like Christmas had come early. Both important instigators in the Drum and Bass movement, means that both these masters have been producing and creating such music for decades. Seeing them play at my favourite venue in Manchester; Band On the Wall for the monthly Drum and Bass night; Soul:ution, meant that Goldie was a guest on Marcus Intalex’s regular spot in Manchester, proving the event to be jam packed full of grateful fans.

Goldie, easy to spot evidently because of his gold plated teeth or “grills”, made me squeal with excitement when I spotted him grinning to Manchester over the decks. Not only being an artist that creates a stylistic approach to Drum and Bass with elements of soul and jungle, managing to merge a hypnotic but intense sound through his music, Goldie established in the early days that Drum and Bass, as well as Graffiti, is a form of expression. Music and graffiti is an art, a platform to showcase ones feelings, struggles and emotions, allowing many to comprehend and share how they feel, through what they’re passionate about. A powerful tool.

Whilst Marcus Intalex, a well-known name on the Drum and Bass scene because of his enormous discography; outstanding recognition through his collaboration with other labels, as well as being the creator of Soul:r and having 18 years of Drum and Bass under his belt, means that if you are a fan of drum and bass and haven’t heard of him, you should be ashamed. Gravitating to the more ambient, liquid drum and bass, Marcus focuses on pleasing his audience, taking them on a journey that leaves them hooked, rather than the fast, furious and hard world of Drum and Bass, which he says can fall flat. Rather, Marcus Intalex creates music to “impress”. As always, Marcus Intalex succeeds in that, so if you are a fan of drum and bass, I’d recommend seeing either of these guys, or if you can, both!