Tina Turner

At a young age, my mum used to play her favourite hits loud in the kitchen for the entire house to hear and appreciate. One of the artists that caught my attention and I learnt to love was: Tina Turner. Her heart wrenching lyrics really formed a powerful connection when I listened, this symbolic emotional pain that when screaming back those lyrics, made me feel cathartic and instrumental. The powerful notes in her strong ballads educated to me what a strong independent woman sounded like, which made me relate to her pain and suffering, but also to her strength. By the age of 10, I was hooked.

As soon as Tine Turner was scheduled to perform at the 02 Arena in London in 2008, on her first tour in ten years and her 50th anniversary tour, my mum and I jumped at the chance to see her, especially as we were unsure if she would tour again. With so many years and experience under her belt, the 02 was full of mature women. I was the youngest person I saw, which shocked me to be honest, as I felt more girls my age should love Tina as much as I do.

With a rock and roll element towards her show; using pace and rhythm to slow and speed up songs appropriately, loud drums, jazzy outfits, a revolving stage and half naked hunky men, Tina was in her element. As well as noticing her killer thighs for a woman that age, I was blown away by her performance and I am extremely grateful that I got the chance to see her.