Swedish House Mafia

When I was 18, I finished my A Levels and left my school which I had been attending for five years in England, leaving behind mindless rules, regulations, false appearances, and a pressure to become an idyllic representative that the school hones into you to become. This meant that the sweet taste of freedom with my future was on my lips, and to celebrate this life changing moment in my education, me and a group of friends went on holiday. Rather than drowning ourselves in cheap shots in Napa or Malia, we headed to the “white island”, known for its reputation in hosting the world’s best parties.

Ibiza is one of the best places to have a party and I wanted to share with you my experience of seeing Swedish House Mafia at Pacha. With a 90 euro ticket, we knew that Pacha was going to be, well, posh to be honest. Pacha was created in the 60s and was one of the first “superclubs” of all kind which established partying as a doctrine rather than a choice. Since then, Pacha has been getting bigger and better, adding more VIP artists to their line up and improving their VIP section, which also means prices are rising for things as well, (10 euros for a bottle of water anyone?) Although pricey, this club is adorned with incredible staging, dancers and lighting, which turned clubbing into a whole new immersive experience.

Seeing the group who dominated the DJ charts and titled “the face of progressive mainstream house music” at Pacha was the cherry on top of the cake for my time at Ibiza. These guys, now who have gone back to their solo work, were fantastic to see live because of their vast experience with working up the crowd, which is vital in creating a good performance. As well as, of course, listening to tracks that swamped the UK charts over summer played by the creators. It’s a shame that they have broken up as they packed out many a room and festival tent whenever they performed. However, I guess it’s good to get out when your great, rather than when you aren’t!