My Bucket List

I have decided to be brutally honest, and included my LIFE bucket list, including all my travel desires. This list is subject to change as life takes different courses and I grow with age- however I plan to stick to most of them!

  1. See The Taj Mahal in Agra
  2. Ride an Elephant and a Camel
  3. Watch a football match live
  4. Go Tubing in Laos
  5. White Water raft through the Grand Canyon
  6. Sky dive
  7. Bungee Jump
  8. Go to every state in Aus
  9. Learn to surf and snowboard
  10. Go on a wildlife safari in Africa
  11. Swim with sharks, whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays
  12. Drink Tequlia in Mexico
  13. Drink Vodka in Russia
  14. Drive a Harley through Route 66
  15. Celebrate my Birthday in Las Vegas
  16. Parahawk in Nepal
  17. Visit: Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, LA, San Francisco
  18. Take A Random Flight out the Airport
  19. Fall Head over Heels in Love
  20. Get a Tattoo and Piercing (not ears)
  21. Make the Perfect Souffle
  22. Solve a Rubix cube
  23. Climb the Mountains: Base Camp of Mt Everest, Mt Kinabalu, Mt Rainer in America, Patagonia
  24. Make my own wine/cheese
  25. Perform at Edinburgh Festival
  26. Be on TV
  27. Make cocktails professionally
  28. Write a book
  29. Have a child
  30. Build myself up in spice and eat a whole chicken at Nandos, extra hot with extra hot sauce
  31. Eat Duran
  32. Complete the 3 Peak Challenge
  33. Visit Iceland
  34. Do the Inca Trail
  35. Go to the carnival at Rio
  36. Go to Glastonbury festival
  37. See the Northern Lights
  38. Learn to play a few songs on guitar
  39. Go to a yoga ashram
  40. Stay in a Buddhist monastery
  41. Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua
  42. Witness an Eclipse
  43. Fly a Helicopter & Fly in an Aerobatic flight
  44. Milk A Cow
  45. Go Whale Watching
  46. Drive a Really fast Car
  47. Grow Dreadlocks
  48. Travel to Venice with a Partner
  49. Get an expensive bottle of Champagne and pour it over a crowd
  50. Caravan Around Europe
  51. Jet pack
  52. Hold a Tarantula
  53. Score a goal at Fifa
  54. Volunteer for a Great Cause
  55. Have a pet Tortoise
  56. Have Sex In A Library
  57. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
  58. Club in the Top 10 Clubs In the World
  59. Snowboard Naked
  60. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  61. Drink Snake Venom 
  62. Live A Happy and Healthy Long Life
  63. Learn how to: salsa, tango, ballroom, foxtrot and latin dance
  64. Be Successful In My Chosen Career
  65. Crowd Surf
  66. Ride A Hot Air Balloon
  67. Drive across Canada
  68. Ride the Gelmer Funicular in Switzerland
  69. Facilitate a Drama Workshop in Prison
  70. Drive a Tuk Tuk
  71. Interview Someone I am Inspired By
  72. Facilitate workshops in South America
  73. Stay with a Rainbow Community
  74. See The Pyramids
  75. Float in the Dead Sea and Visit Petra
  76. See Baby Turtles Travel Out To Sea
  77. Go to La Tomatina festival
  78. See Angkor Wat
  79. To Go To Dublin for St.Paddys
  80. Climb the Volcanoes: Ijen, Vesuvius, Fuji, Kilimanjaro, Tongarrio, Patagonia
  81. Cycle down Death Road in Bolivia
  82. Go underwater ice diving
  83. Abseil off Table Mountain in South Africa and Twickenham Stadium
  84. Hike Up A Glacier
  85. See the Salmon Run
  86. Go to the Snowbombing festival in Austria
  87. Break A Guinness Book Of World Records Record!
  88. Catch, Cook and Eat a fish
  89. Visit Mongolia, Myanmar and Taiwan
  90. Go to Burning Man Festival
  91. See The Dalai Lama
  92. See the Cherry Blossom in Japan
  93. Go to Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea and do the Maldon Mud Race in Essex
  94. Go to Cuba
  95. Run a marathon
  96. Spend New Years Eve in Edinburgh
  97. Live in Brighton and Italy!
  98. Complete a Crazy Food Challenge at a Infamous Restaurant
  99. Host a 3 Course Dinner Party Cooked From Scratch
  100. Be In A Happy Relationship for a Decade

Surfing in Kuta

3 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Hi Darling

    You witnessed an eclipse (42) on the day we were packing up and leaving for Abu Dhabi! Also I am sure I gave you a taste of Tequila in Cancun?

    Love Dad xxx



  2. What a list! Tequila in Mexico Is Amazing! Def putting hot sire a car on ours now! Want to see the Northern Lights soooo bad! Lots of inspiration here! Love it. 🙂


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