Indonesia and its Capital

Indonesia is a magnificent archipelago of beauty. With 20 thousand islands all enriched with natural splendour as well as some of the worlds best and diverse wildlife, it would take a lifetime to explore each island. Indonesia is filled with ancient relics of the past- volcanoes; lively rain forests, picturesque beaches, world class surf, indigenous tribes, ancient history, diverse religions and mouthwatering tasty dishes. The country is the fourth most populated country in the world with 60 per cent of that population living in Java, it is a smart decision to start my journey there.


Arriving in Jakarta after a late flight from the Philippines, I met up with my travelling buddy and his Indonesian friend based in Jakarta. I was introduced to the lifestyle of diplomats and the community of expats. Passing expensive and exquisitely decorated restaurants and bars, we headed to the Art Gallery- Dialogue, to catch a exhibition and have lunch there. Java is a very artistic island, and although the cultural, political and creative epicentre of Java is Yogyakarta, there are still traces of an immersive art culture in the capital.

Art Gallery Exhibition Showcase

The Art Gallery is the perfect place to catch an exhibit and chat about art and its various mediums over a coffee or cheeseburger. Food at the Sate House in Jakarta is also delicious, with meals that revolve around rice or satay specialities- all for a reasonable price. My time in Jakarta was short, but sweet- exactly a day. It provided a great stepping stone into Indonesian psyche without losing myself in a densely populated and traffic congested city. I have heard of many people disliking Jakarta, because of its noise and congestion and if I spent more than one day here, I would wholeheartedly agree. Indonesia is filled with a vast amount of natural beauty, so take advantage of it and escape the smog of the city to experience true Indonesia.

Buying a train ticket at Indo mart to Yogyakarta means you can buy a ticket practically anywhere. It is advised to buy a ticket in advance, as we bought ours last minute, meaning only the executive class was available, which is a steep 380 thousand rupiah. Passing green flat rice fields, lofty palm trees and rising mountains, we made our 7 hour journey to Yogyakarta.