Adventure to Komodo Island

Komodo Island being one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, is a title that is definitely apt for this island filled with vast amounts of wildlife- both above and under water, as well as the many scenic nature spots. Many visit Komodo Island to catch a glimpse at the dangerous and beastly Komodo Dragons which you are sure to find on this island. Large agile creatures, known for their treacherous bacterial bite, one must express caution when visiting. Taken around a small area of the island dependent on the trek you take, your guide – armed solely with a wooden prong, points out to you spooky spiders and swarms of bees. When finally you come across the path of a Komodo dragon, the sheer size of the beast makes you tremble. Eyeing you suspiciously, you meet these real life dragons in the only part of the world which they inhabit.


If you are extremely unfortunate and do not see these scaling creatures, then head over to the neighbouring island of Rinca, where Komodo dragons run freely and casually around the island. Our guide happily shared with me the problems of having an unwanted visitor such as a Komodo dragon, disturbing his village after smelling meat or fish. Its terrifying to think that the children not only have to worry about crossing roads and taking streets from strangers, but as well as this, stray deathly- and hungry might I add, Komodo dragons. There is much rivalry between the two islands of Rinca and Komodo, although Rinca island has many more Komodo Dragons then on Komodo, and we did manage to see a few on Komodo Island (we caught a few in the middle of mating- or that’s what we were told as it looked more like fighting with one another).

Manta Ray Komodo Island

However, Rinca Island does not rival Komodo Island in its natural splendour. In Komodo National Park there are plenty of white beach coves isolated from the entire world, deserted and stunning, islands with long grass hills that dominate the land, so tall one could hide among, and turquoise waters perfect for snorkelling, so bright and beautiful one can only pinch oneself to check if you are dreaming. Head to Manta Point where you can swim above enormous Manta rays flapping underwater, skimming the sandy depths of the ocean, they are majestic creatures, filled with rigour and patience. Or head to Red Beach, where bits of coral that are uniquely red in nature and bent into strange formations line the sandy shores, tickled by the lapping waves. Overall, it creates more of a dusty pink colour, rather than red, but it still is a magnificent beach (and I am a beach snob let me warn you!)

Komodo Island Komodo Island

I am unsure about transport and accommodation as I booked a 4 day 4 night boat tour from Lombok to Komodo Island, Rinca and then ending in Flores. It included stopping off at Lombok and Sumbaya for snorkelling and treks within the first two days, then heading to Komodo ad Rinca and Flores on the last few days. Also included was 3 meals a day, insurance, our activities and a mattress on the covered deck, where 20 other passengers slept, all for the price of 1.4 million rupiah. This meant travelling to the main destination of Komodo Island was a 4 day excursion allowing us to see more and meet like minded young people at a cheap price. Flights to Flores, the nearest airport access destination were roughly the same price.

Although incredibly rocky the first two nights, the boat trip really was a fun and enjoyable adventure.

Komodo Island Komodo Island Komodo Island

We only spent a night in Laban Rajo- Flores, which was on the boat, before making our long and arduous journey back to Lombok. (Flores I am saving for another time), however in Laban Rajo, I recommend Sky Bar for their delicious burgers and reasonably priced cocktails.