East As and Waitomo

East As:
East As is an add on section to the main route of the Kiwi Experience Bus, taking people to an area which many people skip over. It takes you to a peaceful area of NZ, where most people know everyone in that happy small town way, where everyone prides themselves around their love and respect for their ocean, and where silent bays and empty fields do not terrify visitors, but welcome them with open arms, inspiring creativity and energy. I am glad I spent three extra nights exploring more of what NZ has to offer as I was able to experience more of its landscape and see an area of NZ people very rarely get the chance to see. Stopping on our journey to gather peace offerings to the eastern spirits, we embraced ourselves for what lay in store.

Kiwi East as Bus East Coast East Side

The next stop on this trip was Gisborne– where the sun rises first in the entire world. We stayed up all night drinking under the billions of stars, and then dragged our tired bodies to watch the sun rise arrogantly and proudly, beginning its long and waited journey around the world, waking all the different people and nations, warming backs and warming crops, all to a new day. We spent the day shark cage diving with Mako Sharks. It was an incredible experience, swimming in a cage to such terrifying beasts which snapped around us and gorged on floating tuna. This experience thrilled me and made me want to swim with great whites.

First Sunrise in the world Shark Cage Diving

Our last stop on this beautiful trip around the east cape was Te Kaha, a small town by the shore where we were welcomed as if members of the family. We reflected on our wonderful experience whilst we warmed ourselves in the hostel hot tub under the stars.

Famous Rugby Player East As


Waitomo, a small area of the North Island in New Zealand, is recognised by tourists whom venture here from all over the world, to visit the magic and mystical Waitomo caves. The 120 year old giant caverns are filled with waterfalls; stalagmites, and stalactites that are unequal in stunning natural caves to any other in the world. The most beautiful aspect of this wondrous labyrinth of tunnels and deep dark waters are the millions of glow-worms that are unique to the natural surroundings of New Zealand. They cover all of the cave ceilings, glowing en masse in perfect unison as if imitating a mirage of a night sky, creating a starry wonderland. You can marvel at mother nature’s creation in a number of ways; either on a individual boat by yourself to gaze in silence, or on a shared boat to admire in unison, fiercely rock climbing, or nail bitingly tubing in the dark. However you decide to explore the caves, one will always be intrigued by the fascinating way of life for these organisms, and feel the serene atmosphere they create.

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Not my picture