The White Isle of Ibiza

Europe’s most popular wonderland for ravers and party goers is, Ibiza. It always has been and always will be, donned “the White Isle”. Ibiza and its notoriously wild party scene has been around for years, longer than your parents have been born- and I am sure they visited or were planning to visit, this kaleidoscope of popular music, stunning beaches and naughty behaviour- long before you decided to. However, throughout its long standing reputation of heaven, it’s been through some major renovations since the time period of your parents, adapting to the music scene and the type of people it brings. Once a hippie hangout, then an acid house carnival, a rave mecca and finally now home to Europe’s creme de la creme of popular DJs such as David Guetta and Carl Cox.


Ibiza is the holy grail for young ravers, with many of them flocking to the area of San Antonio, the second largest town in Ibiza, like moths to a flame, but Ibiza does have much more to it then the associated stigma attached. Ibiza is now focusing on what’s beyond the decks and the heavy swinging doors, rather to the natural beauty and products of the local people. There is much more to Ibiza than lounging around on Playa d’en Bossa and sipping a cosmopolitan, just getting in a car and driving it a bit further already offers a change in landscape.

For softer, quieter beaches head to Aguas Blancas, and Cala Llenya where families laugh and play in the sun, a million miles away from the head pounding scowl bearing teenagers back in San Antonio. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the island by checking out the UNESCO world heritage site, Dalt Vila, in Ibiza’s old town. Walking around the huge ancient fortress where history stands still, integrate with the modern yachting types that linger nearby at the opulent port area. Go off the beaten track further still, and head into the more rural areas of Ibiza to leave the beats of dance music behind and to explore Cova de Can Marca, the biggest natural caves in Ibiza. After spending the day enriching yourself of history, natural beauty and relaxing, head to the beach Cala Benirras, where hippies gather for a late night bongo session gazing up at the stars and joining as one. Although other people on this island will be looking at the same stars feeling as one, the people here will not be intoxicated up to their eyeballs. If wanting to further your mind, body and soul, here is a perfect destination to do so, to take some time out to recuperate and rejuvenate, as well as shop in the famous Es Canar Hippy Market or Las Dalias Hippie Market.

Although saying all these magnificent things about Ibiza: the stunning coastal scenery and vibrant Mediterranean history, unfortunately, when I visited I did not have the opportunity to do such things. In fact, I was a member of the latter party mentioned. Travelling to Ibiza as an 18 year old in a large group of girls, meant that we, like many other Brits that do so, came here to party, and that… we did.

Staying in San Antonio in an apartment meant that we could cook our own food, have our own freedom with no hotel regulations, and were walking distance to the “strip” called, the West End. The Strip is like any other strip in the world, no matter where you are, (even Puerto Banus), there will always be a back alley full of seedy joints and trashy bars filled with discounted drinks and sticky floors. The drink deals are thrown in your face, and being a large group of girls, it meant we were given much choice of bar to choose from. Very little bars on the strip are in fact stylish, and with some visitors being under eighteen, it means you do feel like you have been transported to the grimy streets of Magaluf. If you are on a tight budget, then coming here for a night out is perfectly reasonable. However, YOU are in Ibiza darling, and reasonable, isn’t really acceptable.

Outside Pacha to see Swedish House Mafia

Home of the super clubs and super star DJ’s, a visit to Ibiza without visiting one of these clubs would be the biggest sin to commit (including any debauchery you might get up to whilst there). The ones we went to were Eden, El Paradiso, Space and Pacha. Many of the big clubs (bar Eden and El Paradiso) are outside of town, so hopping on a bus is your cheapest option. Pacha is THE club that made Ibiza to what it is now, so a visit here is a must. At the time I went, all clubs are obviously pricey with standard 20-40 euro entrance fee. I saw Swedish House Mafia at Pacha which was a staggering 90 Euros to go to, but to worship these wizards of house at the temple of good music, was incredibly worth it, (the plush interior is exquisite although the 15 euros for a water bottle isn’t).

Other clubs that are worth a visit are Amenesia, whom are famous for their Cream parties (an incredibly high calibre music record label), Ushuaia (which starts out as a pool party) and Sankeys (which has left the lovely city of Manchester for Ibiza). A famous well kept secret of Ibiza’s is: The Zoo Project. Hosted in an abandoned zoo where performers, actors and DJs spin the decks til early morning, with everyone in elaborate fancy dress, this event is definitely a different style to your usual clubbing night out. There are also numerous boat parties to pay high prices for to jet around the shore all day lapping in the sea air and numerous cocktail;, Bora Bora Beach Club and Nikki Beach for stylish show offs, Las Salinas beach for just stylish people and Ibiza Rocks, A BBC Radio 1 led party that hosts recent popular artists to perform live… for free. Staying in the hotel accommodation guarantees free access to all the gigs, so if you can afford it and want to make your holiday in Ibiza that much easier, stay in Ibiza Rocks.

Make sure you have a great time in Ibiza, but also stay safe. Be careful with where you decide to drunkenly venture off to, who you make friends with and your consumption. Remember, it’s better to remember the night and get home safe, then not at all.