Memories (or lack of) in Mallorca and Menorca

Coming here on a family holiday when I was very young means that my memory of both Menorca and Mallorca only still holds fragments of each. The disappointment at the rain when we were there, the bingo being played at our hotel which had lovely mosaic tables, and the fruit basket we won. Not much else remains. Despite me coming here, I only count my visit half heartedly, thus the information below is what I have been recommended.

With one in three searches on Travel Supermarket this summer (2015) being for a cheap packaged Spanish holiday and Mallorca grabbing the top spot, one can comprehend that most of those travelling to the pure shores of Mallorca are not going for the culture or history- but Magaluf. With half the people going to Magaluf to be British and the unkempt wild streets filled with debauchery and mayhem now filled with English coppers, it shows that the Spanish authorities and locals have finally made a crackdown. With more sleaze than Ibiza and similar behaviour to Malia and Aiya Napa, no wonder the Spanish people are sick of the tag that Magaluf has. Reports of rape, public sex and violence are a common issue and one that the English police are hoping to deal with. Package resorts are now upping their prices to try and “price out” people, aiming for a more sophisticated clientèle.

Magaluf is my sort of nightmare. (I found it shocking enough that Ibiza and Puerto Banus both have strips- the supposedly sophisticated areas of Spain), so I know I will never head to this drunken destination. Instead, look to what the rest of Mallorca has to offer, and I am hoping that a large percentage of tourists flocking to Mallorca, are heading away from Magaluf, to Palma, the largest city of Mallorca.

There are many reasons why there is such a large influx of tourists that visit here; the amazing beaches hidden in wind swept coves- a mecca for beach enthusiasts, the healthy portions of delicious Mediterranean foods that are created around almonds and spicy sausages (not together of course), the honey coloured homes that are forever adapting in style and being regenerated, the architecture of the capital city of Palma, quiet churches and monasteries, or the hiking and cycling which can be done over Tramuntana’s limestone mountains. The scope and choice of activity to do here is wonderful and if you want to amble through cobbled streets soaking in the breezy atmosphere of quaint towns like Fornalutx, or pass orange vineyards on a bicycle, or relax on chalk white beaches such as Es Carbo and Cala Figuera, then head to Mallorca- but away from the pounding beats of dance music and drunken jowls of Magaluf.

But to really escape to the bliss of an island that will ease you completely of any worries, stress or irritating music in the distance, catch a 2 hour ferry to Menorca where a different pace of life is evident. With rows and rows of unspoilt and empty beaches to yourself, it makes any traveller free to relax on any beach and explore the interior of the island and its lighthouses, monuments, and ancient castles with reckless abandon. Menorca is famous for its cheese production and dish of stuffed tomatoes, so trying out the local delicacy is a must whilst here.

With the extensive fields of nature; pristine beaches, dashes of history, and delicious food, this destination should be on every traveller’s, Europe holiday list.