Celebrating in Watamu

Like I said in the Galdessa post, the main reason why my family and I had gone to Kenya, was for our family friend’s birthday. Her husband organized a massive party inviting all their close friends to the week event, held in the beautiful area of Watamu.

Watamu is a 100 kilometres from Mombassa and 15 kilometres from Malindi, a village situated on the coastal beach front with pristine sandy white beaches and azure aquamarine seas. Turtle bay is the nicest section of the beach and with Watamu voted third best beaches in Africa, one is quite surprised to see no tourists jostling for towel space on the sand. With Malindi’s nature reserve being a small swim away from Watamu, diving and snorkelling activities are in abundance and offer fantastic views. It is known by many as an eco friendly area, where hotels hold sustainability as a priority in their services, and with such a magnificent view, one would easily agree to do the same thing. Fishing is also immensely popular because of the enormous Blue Marlin that flock and thrive in the crystal waters, thus many tourists try their hand at catching one of these silver tailed beasts.

Our family friends organised a number of fun things and entertaining evenings for us (and many others). Touch rugby on the beach was a highlight, as well as “snake catching”. This latter activity involved going into the bush with some locals to hunt snakes. Definitely not the safest option, but the most thrilling activity I found. I remember separating from the group, getting bored about how strict the guides were, until I looked up and something caught my eye in the tree. Sliding along a branch was not one, but two Green Mamba snakes!

The very snakes I had been warned about previously being incredibly venomous and dangerous. Being an already adrenaline junkie… I shook with excitement. As I went to call for one of the guides attention, I turned around and it seemed the whole village was behind me. 20 other people stood there, mouths open and paralysed with fear whilst looking at the tree. In no time at all, the guides rushed ahead, urging us to stand back. They smoothly used tridents in sharp and quick movements, managing to lift the slimy snakes that had attached themselves onto the branches with ease, and shoved them into a sack. We had found what we had been looking for and were immediately told that the tour “was over”.

My family and I stayed in Hemingways Resort. It was a luxurious establishment that had kind helpful staff and had a lovely swimming pool right along the sea front. This hotel, is a little out of a backpacker’s budget- to say the least.