I Think, Therefore I Blog

Read the article written for The News Hub about the ever increasing number of bloggers.

With such a wide range of gadgets and an unlimited expanse of technology now at our finger tips allowing us to be interactive and connecting with each other all the time, it is no surprise that the blogging market has boomed. Blogs used to be original, unheard of and unique. The blogging community was mainly filled with Bridget Jones Wannabees and people who were so passionate about sharing their thoughts, opinions or passions that they just had to write about it.

Now, the market is a colossal industry that dominates. Bloggers, whether it be written or video bloggers (yes that shows how advanced we are, as now we can blog in both), are rocketing up in popularity. People are blogging “because it is the thing to do”, because it is an easy alternative to writing a CV; because it grants an easy access to a job, or it makes a quick buck. What people don’t understand is that blogging is a huge commitment. It actually reminds me of writing a dissertation at university, you are constantly researching information, reading other past examples of work, perfecting your writing and editing- oh always editing. It becomes your baby, your master piece and you are proud to share it with friends, family or even on social media.  When you really care about your blog, at times- you will see it as work, or even worse, a blessed chore. For those who take it seriously, you need to spend a lot of time dedicated to it, making sure it’s either aesthetically pleasing,  has a certain niche, or well written.

Although the blogging market is expansive, the most prevalent type of blog is the travel blog.  It’s a fashion that has caught on and has become even more appealing to everyone and anyone (the mention of a paid holiday attracts most). You will then not be surprised to hear that I am a blogger as well, (as I am writing this from a bloggers perspective), although my website specifies on my passions in life, which aren’t just travel, (growing up abroad and moving on a regular basis has made me quite a nomadic person to say the least), but also other elements I strive to live my life for, which are Music and The Creative Arts. I write what I am passionate about, what I enjoy and what I want other people to experience. When you have an incredible moment watching a play, listening to an unheard of artist at a new venue, or trekking to an unusual place, and are moved by that experience- I want to tell people about it. Even when I travel; I press people of where they have been, information on the place and what their opinions were, as I find that the information is more valuable than any tour guide.

What upsets and frustrates me however, is that since the start of my blogging days (2011), the market has become competitive, blood thirsty and aggressive. Okay, so most travellers are like minded and share similar drives in life, but I feel one is trying to outdo each other in a number of things for example, places been, things done, or who has the most followers. Where has the humanity gone? Where has the personality gone? How do I know if this person is really a genuine traveller, or even a morally righteous human being and isn’t just a façade of marketing? How do I know if this person is true, and the places they have stayed and been to really are incredible?

The real question to ask yourself when reading or following a blog is: what are their purposes of posting? It is quite hard to differentiate between to what purposes the person’s blog is for (either to inform/advise or money make), however taking a look at the travelling style and voice of the blogger, the places they visit, and the journey through life they have had, does help. For instance, take a look at the personal and hilarious travel blog of Will, otherwise known as “The Broke Backpacker”. Looking at his writing style you can easily tell that his blog posts are as if chatting to another traveller, one to share awkward moments and funny situations, highlighting his real aims of his blog as being “my dream to travel all over the globe, breaking down barriers, and to inspire others to ditch their desks, hit the road and get exploring!”

Whilst Kristina from “Be My Travel Muse,” is another genuine blogger with a keen interest in the way locals live their life by taking the harder and longer route of travel by “doing as the locals do”. Real travellers veer away from the easy route and instead take the more challenging one, as they know it is all about the journey rather than the destination. Whilst other blogs out there are less inventive, quirky, or creative with their adventures and lack the writing skills which bloggers should all possess. Without these skills, blogs turn into diaries written by an immature teenager, or dishonest travel brochures with no personal stories or opinions. Unfortunately, the blogging world is ever increasing and the larger spectrum of poor quality travel bloggers (or bikini clad bloggers and numerous pictures of posing on beaches) are taking over. Let’s hope these bloggers will leave the blogging to those truly passionate about the subject, and who care more about the places they go to, food they eat and people they meet, rather than the income they make.