A Girls Trip to The Lake District

The Lake District is a picturesque region of England that is on many tourists itineraries. Painted by famous artists, enthused by historic literates, and admired by every type of nature lover, the Lake District is a spectacular corner of England. Rolling hills are awash with daises and daffodils sprouting out from every corner, whilst birds flutter and call to each other through thick branches. Every period drama and traditional British fantasy can be played out here, as the countryside omits every stereotypical style one might expect. Loose granite rock is piled together to create winding walls, rippling waves lap against rocking wooden boats and quaint cafes offer scones with home made jam by the water side.

I came here at a young age, with my grandparents and my mum. When I was still living in Bahrain, and so I was astounded at the varying patterns of green and textures within the landscape. I was excited to visit the home of Peter Rabbit and friends; to watch colourful designs of glass be blown into shape right in front of my very eyes, and learn that my nan can be full after half a teacake. Many years later I returned with friends from University just after finishing our exams. With the thrill of finally finishing our studies and our new found freedom, we drove away from the hustle and bustle of Manchester city centre, and headed to the calm and tranquil location of the Lake District. An unusual destination for most newly graduated students, however the peace of the hills beckoned us to come and relax our minds, bodies and souls.

Lake Windermere

Windermere is the largest lake in the Lake District and acts as the central focus point in the area. It is a hive of activity and offers a range of tourist activities because of the wide interest it attracts. Windermere acts as a perfect starting point to explore the surrounding areas, enjoy sports like golf or horse riding, or take full advantage of the spectacular scenery by beginning a walking trail. The town is filled with necessary camping shops, kitsch tea parlours and authentic pubs. Hire a boat and paddle far out into the lake whilst reciting poetry if you want to fully immerse yourself in the environment. Or, join a short tour boat which floats around the lake offering superb panoramic views of the harbour. Hop off at the nearby town of Ambleside for fresh scones and walk back along the lake side for a pleasant afternoon stroll.

Wray Castle is a wonderful sight to see nearby and offers an interesting perspective into the history that once played a part here. Filled with numerous turrets, hidden staircases and dangerous arrow slits, the castle is a fun exploration of Lake Windemere’s past. Another gorgeous place to visit is Hawkshead, where the Beatrix Potter Gallery resides. This town is a gem to the English countryside. Stop amongst this scenic town to browse in dusty tight knit bookshops, walk amongst trickling streams and enjoy rich ale in a traditional pub. It is a pleasant waterside town where one can sit and meditate, conjure up creative ideas or simply people watch. The small bespoke galleries and unique shops sell delightful goods that act as a perfect gift to anyone.

From this area of the Lake District, we ended our trip in Kendal, a much larger town filled with museums, historical ruins and a valuable arts centre. Arriving late in the day, we found ourselves enjoying the warmth from the lit fire, the comfortable sofas, and the friendly cat, a cosy welcoming. Kendal Hostel is very central to the city centre and offers a charming atmosphere where the owners offers a wealth of knowledge on the surrounding areas.

Lake Windermere

In Windermere we stayed in the Lake District Backpackers Hostel, which is self catering and offers a fantastic clean and spacious living area.

The Lake District is a wonderful retreat for any visitor to experience the beauty behind the British countryside- just be wary of the weather when planning your trip.