A Look Into Shoreditch

Shoreditch is the original hub for creative artistic types that pour their imagination into digital mediums that flourish and thrive with technological advances. It has become an area of unusual restaurants, hip bars, and an overwhelming surge of young Londoners that follow trends casually and title themselves “hipsters”. With influences from Brick Lane and Hackney, Shoreditch is a blend of smells, colours and styles. Combine this with affluent wealth flowing in from the city spurring creativity in artist and fashionistas, next door to authentic East London businesses.

Brick lane Market is the most notorious market of Shoreditch and has stuck to its authentic charm of the place by allowing little regeneration and development. Restaurants that sit on Brick Lane have nestled there for years, relaying the charm and character of the place, as family owned businesses beckon you in to dine with them. Vintage independent stores hang quirky clothes with no pressure to buy, and those that prowl the shops don’t worry about labels but only the unique designs.

Old Spitalfield Market is another market that visitors must experience in the East ends of London.  Traditionally, hawkers have been selling their food commerce for years here; however, the market place has been transformed to a haven of bespoke independent clothing label stalls, genuine antiques and a place to host a wide calibre of events.

Wilton’s Music Hall is a wonderful venue to soak in the natural heritage and history of the East End focusing on one of the many creative platforms that is embedded into the pulse of Shoreditch, music. Wilton’s music hall is the oldest Grand Music Hall in the world, and one can see exemplars of its colourful rich history in the architecture that has remained in its original design. The producing venue has survived two world wars, been forgotten, derelict, and is now a theatre once more, showcasing programmes such as opera; puppetry, classical music, cabaret and dance. One of its real magical elements, besides its importance in theatrical, musical and cultural history, is that the venue uses all of its traditional rooms for the same use. Whilst you pick up a drink during the interval, imagine those who stood before you doing the same thing, centuries ago.

A modern and edgy alternative to view entertainment is a visit to the Electric Cinema. The modern parallel of entertainment and leisure, replaces crumbling aged tradition with plush levels of comfort accompanied by lavish armchairs and fine cashmere blankets- all with a fully licensed bar and café just a few steps away.

The Clove Club is our personal choice for dining. An excellent restaurant to take clients or to wow someone special, this Michelin starred restaurant takes you on a culinary journey which involves multiple courses of flavoursome food created from unique ingredients and sensational combinations. Its gourmet dining is Avant -Garde, and the setting of this restaurant, the former Shoreditch Town Hall, allows every visitor to succumb to the beauty and austerity of the décor. For an earthier restaurant that focuses on taste rather than the visuals, head to the Eyre Brothers. This restaurant combines Iberian flavours and style, with African flair, an exciting and interesting venture filled with an extensive list of Portuguese and Spanish wines.

Used as cafe, Shoreditch picture obtained from Wikicommons
Used as cafe, Shoreditch picture obtained from Wikicommons

Shoreditch is a popular and highly reputable place to explore after dark. Due to its close proximity to the city, its interesting occupants and its individual style, there are a large variety of options to venture into the evenings. Shoreditch is one of the only areas of London where you can move from classy upmarket bars, traditional British pubs, and then on to clubs that have hanging trapeze artists in the air.  One of our favourite places for a drink is The Book Club, where a large range of events and activities are held during the week, and where one can nestle oneself in an alcove within this ironically named watering hole.  For a sophisticated evening, head over to the speakeasy style bar, Nightjar, where live jazz and blues, as well as carefully created cocktails and an array of rare spirits are on offer. If wanting to embrace the quirky trends that emerge and evolve in Shoreditch, head to Bar Kick for an entertaining and unusual start to your night, with a game of table football- so Shoreditch.