Liebster Award Nomination

Thanks so much to Ginger Gone Global for the Liebster Award nomination! An award dedicated to small blogs to be recognized and to support other like minded bloggers!

The Rules of the Liebster Award according to Ginger Gone Global:

1. Accept and answer the questions given to you
2. Come up with 11 new questions yourself.
3. Nominate bloggers you would like to answer your questions.
4. The chosen bloggers then write an article about this nomination on their blog and link back to the website of their nominator.

Liebster Award

My questions given to me:

When did you first start blogging and why?

I started blogging because I had been to some really awful places and some really incredible ones and I wanted to share that with people so they would know where to go and where not to go, to not waste their time! Guidebooks always glamorize places and don’t give an honest opinion of a place so I wanted to combat this and make sure other travellers don’t make the same mistake I did and enjoy it thoroughly! Another traveller’s tips are the best kind of tips.

If you could pack up and go somewhere right now, where would it be?

Cuba, I need a rest by the beach right now and I would love to spend some time dancing late at night in a steamy Salsa club! Then I would head to Myanmar before the tourism industry completely changes it (so basically the two countries the tourism industry will change the most drastically!)

Whats the best budget travel tips you’ve received?

I haven’t really received any tips I haven’t used already to be honest. I think a good plan is to always remember to check your bank balance, eat in local restaurants, travel by local transport and avoid tours, always barter and always wander away from the main street for your accommodation- you will be surprised with how prices drastically change when you are a little further away from the tourist route!

Is there a popular travel destination you’ve visited and been disappointed by?

Definitely Thailand. Back when I went in the summer of 2012, I found the country swarming with tourists that were just there to party and didn’t respect the culture or the sights at all. I was really shocked and it put me off Thailand to be honest! And Bali for the same reason. Also Times Square in New York… really? A square dedicated to adverts? That’s strange. What about artsy Harlem or hipster Brooklyn? I think there are more wonderful sights in New York and other places around the world rather than Times Square.

Favourite travel book?

Shantaram without a doubt! It was incredible, it made me want to go to India! Gregory David Roberts combines a perfect balance of an autobiographical honest narrative, storytelling and wonderful descriptions.

How much planning do you do pre-trip?

Ha! It depends how much time I have and how I feel! Sometimes I have turned up at a country with no idea, just have given tips by other travellers and I have read the guidebook on the way there, other times I have pre planned my route. To be honest, I recommend not planning a trip as you never know what will happen, who you will meet, local incidents/accidents/festivals and where you may prefer. On my 7 month trip around Asia, I actually was very short on time in certain countries and did little planning which made some parts really stressful. Less countries is more, take your own pace to explore and go where the wind takes you. Make sure you leave time to enjoy it! If you are on a really tight schedule and want to see everything- then you must pre plan!

What is your favourite food you’ve tried while travelling?

I loveee Asian food! I really am in love with it, and trying each variation in every country (one of the main reasons I keep going to that part of the world!) So I have to say Vietnamese Pho of course, Nasi Goreng in Indonesia- a simple but tasty dish, Thai Green Curry, the curries in India (so many, all of them are so good!!) hoppers in Sri Lanka, Baba Laksa in Malaysia, and tajine in Morrocco is definitely up there. As well as Pizza in Naples- the dough there is delicious!

Do you do ‘touristy’ stuff? eg Times Square, visit Eiffel Tower?

Yes I think you have to do some of it to be honest. You don’t have to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower but you could enjoy a coffee at a cafe nearby it for instance. If there is a sight that is embedded into the culture so much, I really think you should embrace it, no matter how touristy it is!

What is the longest you’ve been travelling for and where did you go?

The longest I have been travelling was my recent trip where I was away for 7 months, and for the most part travelling by myself. I went to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. A real once in the lifetime experience (although I now know where I want to go for every short backpacking trip the rest of my life haha I just need to start saving up!)

What is your favourite thing about where you are right now?

I am at home right now, back in Surrey in England. I think my favourite thing is spending time with my family, friends and boyfriend. Also, as bad as this is, not being constantly harassed by men, which was the case most of the time throughout Asia when I was travelling alone (blonde and friendly you get that alot).

What do you do to combat home-sickness on your travels?

I never have got homesick! I miss certain aspects like a comfy bed but I would never waste more than a second to think about it or divert my route at all because I was homesick. In fact my love for travel never really runs out, it just keeps going whenever I get to a new country. I am like a kid in a sweet shop- What’s this? What food do they have? How do I say thank you? What’s their religion? COOL!

My questions for my nominees:

What do you think makes a good blogger?

What do you want to accomplish from blogging?

What style of traveller are you?

What do you think is the most overrated place you have visited?

Share your worst moment travelling with us.

What do you think is more important in a blog: information, storytelling or description?

Do you think videos, written content or photography is more important, and what works best for you on your site?

What is your favourite form of social media to post on and why?

Would you ever live abroad, if so where?

Do you think women solo travellers have different experiences to male solo travellers and if so, why do you think this?

If your life was summed up in a song, what would it be?

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Have fun!