A Look Into Camden

For the many that visit Camden, it is purely a place to peruse for odd items, a jumble of strange paraphernalia, eccentric and funky Cyberdog style esque clothing. With ten million visitors a year, popularity for Camden market is ever growing, where a hive of alternative culture is embedded into its very roots, creating a collision of styles in its atmosphere and way of life. But there is much more to Camden than meets the eye.

With the area having its early origins as a suburban town housing a large estate and a service centre for railways and canals, one can see Camden has been regenerated into a lively community atmosphere filled with a varied style of cuisine and live music that accentuates what London is all about.

Visit the Roundhouse, a performing arts venue which originally was built as a railway shed in 1847. Now the site hosts big name artists, dance, circus, stand-up comedy, poetry slam, improvisation sessions and young art sessions to help aid future creatives.  The Roundhouse is widely recognised for its I Tunes Festival and Camden beach during the summer months.

A pleasant walk can be had along Regents Canal which leads directly to St Pancras Train Station. It is a setting for the traditional lifeline of trade and industry which ran through London by way of the interlinking canals. Walk in any direction which takes your fancy, heading to Regents Park or the Islington Tunnel in East London, both offer spectacular views and insight into various areas of London. If you do decide to follow the path to St. Pancras, you will not be disappointed by its stunning Gothic splendour and authentic history that has enriched the building. The station is filled with public art and decadent restaurants, it is a fantastic place to grab a coffee and people watch, taking in the buzz and ambience of those that are on a journey around you.

Other sights in Camden we recommend are; The British Library, which is the largest library in the world and is also a major research library. It is filled with an extensive range of books, texts and catalogues that will feed the hungry mind of any literature enthusiast or history buff, as well as various exhibits held on that highlight certain literary heroes. In celebration of another literary hero, the Shaw Theatre is in close distance to the library, where one can immerse oneself in performances that are of an unconventional nature.

Our restaurants of choice in the area are Belgo, a charming Belgian restaurant where the lobster and moules specials are divine, a perfect treat for dinner, accompanied with their fine wide array of European beers that are on offer and all vary in strength and taste. If wanting a restaurant to satisfy a delicious craving, head to Honest Burgers, where mouth-wateringly good burgers are packed into delightful packages of meat and where it’s not unusual to roll ones sleeves back before starting the meal.

For an authentic British pub experience, head to Worlds End, a pub filled with rich history and where famous writers such as Charles Dickens even enjoyed a tipple here once before. If you would like to experience the fantastic live music that Camden so proudly boasts, head to Jazz Café, where an eclectic mix of artists from the likes of Lana Del Ray to Amy Winehouse have graced the stage. Genres vary from jazz, to hip hop, R n B to soul and funk, providing a vibrant atmosphere and enjoyable experience, for the last 25 years and still continues to do so.