Guildford Fringe Festival

Recently I helped collect vox pops (voice clips of the public) for the radio station I present on Eagle3, for the Guildford Fringe Festival. They have recently started a show on Eagle3 every Monday from 6pm highlighting the variety of acts that are performing at Guildford Fringe Festival. The incredible array of talent that is performing in Guildford is outstanding; all styles of comedians, magicians, burlesque dancers, choirs, art exhibits, there is so much to offer! I love this creative festival as I believe it highlights how wonderful the arts are and how important they are in our society today- plus it’s a lovely thing to see and do (rather than sitting at home watching TV).

I managed to watch Andrew Doyle’s show “Work In Progress” which was hilarious! More commonly known for Johnathan Pie- a satirical political journalist, Andrew shared opinions and thoughts on topics that were close to home, his religion and his sexuality. He continued to push boundaries and honestly had me laughing so hard, you could hear me cackling from the front!

The Guildford Fringe Festival is filled with eclectic talent and if you live in the local area, I implore you to check it out!

Here is their website:

Pic belongs to Guildford Fringe Festival