Extreme Sports

I have done some pretty adventurous things.

I have hitchhiked in the Middle East. I’ve stripped in front of a tour group and jumped into the icy depths of the Milford Sound. I’ve driven a golf cart, a tuk tuk and a scooter.  I’ve driven a dune buggy off road alongside volcanoes. I’ve hiked a glacier. I’ve swam with sharks. I’ve flown a plane and a helicopter. I’ve walked alongside sea lions. I’ve bungee jumped one of the highest jumps in the world. I’ve scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve abseiled off Twickenham stadium. I’ve been canyoning through waterfalls, I’ve trained and ran a half marathon.

I’ve gone snake hunting. I’ve tubed in the dark and out in the open. I’ve been steps away from a Hyena out in the bush. I’ve hiked up mountains and volcanoes. I’ve white water rafted and kayaked. I’ve surfed in shark prone waters. I’ve swam in the sea in a hurricane. I’ve trekked through the Himalayas on my own suffering from a stomach bug. I’ve quad biked through jungle and desert. I’ve paddle boarded. I’ve flown in a micro flight. I’ve skied, snowboarded and sand boarded. I’ve zip lined.  I’ve trekked on a camel and on an elephant. I’ve slept in airports, train stations, in the desert, I’ve couchsurfed at complete strangers houses. I’ve eaten street food in the wrong places and survived. I’ve sky dived. I’ve stayed in a Buddhist Monastery. I’ve swam with dolphins, manta rays and turtles, and I’ve even parahawked in Nepal.

I love living life to the full, seeing life and the opportunities it brings as one big adventure. I’m enthusiastic and passionate about exploring the world and all of the beauty it contains, however big or small. I enjoy all kinds of extreme sports not only because of the incredible unique experiences and memories you create, but the adrenaline you have whilst doing so.

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