Workshop Facilitator

Kat Collins, Senior reporter for BBC Newsbeat

“I’m editing today’s Newsbeat and wanted to thank you for doing your piece for us. Great voices, and lovely to have you on.”

Sinead Garvan, Entertainment Reporter for BBC Newsbeat

“Your voice is great – which is the main thing as everything else we can work out. Believe me – this is 1 million times better than anything I ever did in like my first whole year at Newsbeat.”

Jason Horton, Head of BBC England and South East on my programme item to management

“Think it sounded really strong this morning – lots of really clear basic information on what Tier 2 means for people and you were giving the listeners the space to talk. Classy.’”

Lou Birt, Station Manager for BBC Essex

“Vicky is incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic.  She’s a very valuable BBC producer and works hard to produce the best possible programmes.  We’d be lost without her.”

“You are fixing great stuff. Very impressed by the half seven – those kinds of items live or die on the quality of the guests. Your tenacity is admirable. Thank you.”

Joe Harrington on his story being shared on BBC News

“Thank you ever so much the story is amazing and you have done a magnificent job. It made me feel quite emotional and to think there have been that many views.”

Sally Beadle, Journalist for BBC News

“Front page!! Well done and thank you all – and thank you Vicky for bringing the idea in the first place. It’s already on 90k+ views and an engagement time of just over a minute, and it’s been picked up by Apple News…”

Charlie Jones, Planning Editor for BBC News in the East

“Well done Vicky! Great idea and it is a really good read. Hope to have you write some more stuff for us.”

Anonymous Listener on my piece on alcoholism on BBC Essex

“The most powerful broadcasting imaginative, moved me to tears, I believed nothing but drinking could ease the pain of losing my wife of 51 years. Thank you Dave and Vicky.”

Domestic Violence survivor on sharing her story with me

“Wow you speak with such empathy, like you have really been there.”

Alice Owen, director of business for Dyscover on my documentary ‘Aphasia on Zoom’ 

“Wow Vicky, you have worked incredibly hard with this personal documentary – we are all so impressed with what you have put together, you come across so well, so professional – I look forward to hearing the feedback later! Thank you for representing us so well and giving your mum and the other Members involved a voice.”

Paul Brown from my Audio Documentary, “Aphasia on Zoom”
“Despite moving house, I was very impressed by your professionalism, I bow down to you.”
Molly Capel on her breakup story and audio package being shared on my website
“I’ve just had a read and a listen and I love it, even brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for letting me a part of this, it was actually very cathartic for me.”
Alan Mitchell on me producing the special “Life’s Second Chances”
“Thank you so much for sharing my story and choosing me to be in the special and facilitating and supporting us. It was such a privilege to be involved in such a project. And I really hope someone in the industry gives you an award for it!”

Dave Monk, Presenter of the Mid-Morning programme on BBC Essex

“It was a privilege to present such a well constructed and important piece”.

Ben Fryer, Breakfast show Presenter on BBC Essex

“Gold star Vicky. That was stop what you are doing and listen radio.”

Nina Ambrose on her story being shared on BBC Essex

“If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been on Sky News so thank you.”

Ian Wyatt, Presenter for Early Breakfast on BBC Essex   

“That was BBC network stuff, clipping that call and turning it round and making a montage themed to one of the callers- really fantastic!”

Stuart Woodward, Producer for Mid-Morning on BBC Essex

“How grateful I am for the efforts you put in for these slots. You get some great guests for us on some cracking stories, and your briefing notes and questions are super helpful as well. You are the glue that holds this show together!

Andrew Bennet, Producer for Mid-Morning on BBC Essex
“We are listening to your vox pop and we reckon you have smashed it.”
Chris Berrow, Presenter for BBC Lincolnshire and BBC Essex
“Vicky is an excellent BA – I’ve worked in a lot of places and she was on top form every
day, which made it very easy”.

An individual who was in my podcast and storytelling talk for BBC Young Reporters

“I now want to know more about podcasting as Vicky Carter was a great speaker and really inspiring. I now want to start a podcast relating to my mums charity so more people will hear about the amazing work she’s been doing.”

Fina Charleson, Editor for the Kyero Property Podcast
“Thanks SO much for presenting – you did such a great job! A true natural.”

Ellen Baily, Teacher at St Pauls CE Primary School, Workshop via Bush Theatre     

“They really enjoyed it and I think it got them really excited for their Romans topic that we started a couple of weeks ago. It really met the brief well and gave them a good idea of the strengths of the Roman army. Vicky was brilliant.”

Almir Koldzic, Community Partner for Counteroint Arts                           

“A fantastic piece (the Winkball report). Thank you, Vicky – for this and for all your support and interest in our work this refugee week.”

Dijana Rakovic, Project Manager for Counterpoint  Arts

“Thank you, this is such a brilliant piece. We knew the gig was going to be great, but didn’t quite expect so much emotion on display from all corners. You and your colleague captured the energy of it. And I love what the two audience members said, it was perfect so thank you for catching that. ”

Alex Vladev, Content Controller for Viking FM

“It was good to meet you and your demo and enthusiasm for radio was impressive.  With your level of dedication to developing a broadcasting career, I am certain it will happen for you.”

Rachel Meir, Operations Director for Found In Music-on Busk In London report for Winkball

“Thanks so much for coming and making this brilliant little video.

It really captures the day. We all love it.”

Matt Daines, Producer of The Peter Gordon Breakfast Show   

“Vicky has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. Vicky would be an asset to any organisation, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.”

Jack Johnson, Tutor at Eagle Radio

“Thanks so much for all your hard work for Eagle, you are a fantastic presenter and I am sure you will go very far. Will miss doing the education work with you!”

Scott from Make Believe Guildford Theatre Company

“Your experience and credentials are beyond impressive.”

Wayne from KLFM 96.7

“You sound like you’ve been doing it for years (presenting radio).”

Charles Dennett from KLFM 96.7

“It was a pleasure to have you in – you’ve got a real talent.”

Matt from Super 8 Stage and Screen Company

“I like your style, I like the way you teach.”

Carli from Showdown Theatre Arts

“I received so many texts from happy parents last night after your class saying their children enjoyed themselves, thank you once again for your brilliant class!”

Sally Brand, Ashcombe School Summer Transition Workshop  

“I am a great believer in good work being publicly recognised and wanted you to know how very impressive they both were.  They set a perfect pace-I’m sure you know most 11 year olds have a short concentration span-and the students were never bored.  Their enthusiasm was infectious and we all enjoyed the seemingly endless games they both had up their sleeves!

The students really benefited from the week and are now in a much better position to start at secondary school later this week.  Many of them were extremely anxious and it was lovely to see them grow in confidence over the course of the week.   They are very much on the front foot now-a great place to be.

Well done to Jack and Vicky from us all and a big thank you!”

Lorna D’Arcy, Action For Carers, Workshop For Eagle Extra

“A huge thank you to Karl, Vicky and all at Eagle who helped to make our two events a huge success. It was a pleasure to see the Young Carers grow in confidence as they heard their voices – and confidence building is crucial for some of these vulnerable young people.”

Trudy Waite, Action For Carers, Workshop for Eagle Extra

“We all enjoyed the workshop and feel you were a great facilitator and understood the young people very well.”

Andrea Britton, Head of Social Media and Digital Communications at Mi-Soul

“Vicky works extremely hard and her enthusiasm is utterly refreshing. Consistently eager to help, over and above her duties, she was eager to learn all aspects of the station and brought a real unique energy to the office. We will most definitely miss her!”

Gordon Mac, Director of Mi-Soul Radio 

“We have certainly enjoyed and benefited from your contribution, and you will be missed, both by our DJ team and listeners. Thank you for your hard work and commitment. ”

Carl Martin, Editor at Trine Magazine

“During her time at Trine Magazine, Victoria very quickly demonstrated her passion and creativity through her writing. It was extremely refreshing to work with someone who expressed enthusiasm and eagerness to create content on numerous occasions. It was a pleasure to work with her throughout all of her time at the magazine.”

Ester Costim, Volunteer Coordinator for Volunteer for the Visayans

“I have known Victoria when she volunteered with us Volunteer for the Visayans in Tacloban city as Media Intern in June 2015. Through social media, she helped us providing important updates to the local and international community on the various activities and programs of the organisation. She has excellent writing skills, flexible, and easy to work with.”

Matt Graveling, Broadcast Journalist & Breakfast Producer at BBC Surrey

“I had the pleasure of working with Victoria at BBC Surrey. She has a real passion for radio and was happy to help with anything required. During her time at BBC Surrey she was hard working, efficient and a joy to be around.”

Harley Ayers, Producer at Insanity Radio

“I had the pleasure of producing Victoria’s show for a term on Insanity Radio. She is a hard working, confident and passionate presenter who is always on point on the radio. Her breakfast show was very popular amongst the listeners and has been hard to replace.”

Rashina Gajjar, Editor at Globe of Love

“Throughout the time I worked with Victoria, she was extremely hard-working, enthusiastic, and organised. She was a real team player- always ready to participate and get involved with new tasks and team targets. Her writing greatly improved over the course of the internship and her attitude was always exemplary. I wish her every success!”

Polly Bartlett, Fuse TV Manchester Member                    

“Vicky is not only a fantastic presenter and producer but also a super super lovely person; a real gem to work with!”

Rachel Bull, from TiPP

“I supervised and supported Vicky when, as part of her degree, she delivered a three day drama residency in a prison in 2013. She was an asset to the group of five facilitators with whom she worked and was able to take on various roles within the group.

Vicky was a confident and energetic facilitator when leading activities and an enthusiastic and supportive participant when she wasn’t. She was very playful and didn’t take herself too seriously when creating characters and scenes.

Vicky displayed a good depth of knowledge of the practice and the environment as well as an awareness of herself and understanding of reflective practice that displays a great maturity.”