So to you all you smart ones out there or maybe previous fans of my old website: vickeblueyes.com, you may have realised that I have in fact merged these two sites together. Alas, vickeblueyes no longer exists in reality, (I became exhausted telling people my name is actually spelt V-I-C-K-Y) however it still hosts a special place in my heart, or you may be able to tell, a little corner of my website called “Off Air”.

My thoughts and feelings about the world have not changed, neither have my everlasting passions for Travel; Music, the Creative Arts and Extreme Sports, but I felt I needed to neaten up ever so slightly. Hence why if you see some pictures copyrighted with vickeblueyes.com, they are still of my creation and are copyright to me, Vicky Carter, but now on this website.  

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for joining me on my NEW website: vickyecarter.com!

P.S Many of my pictures on my website were taken by Itteshad Hossain, please get in touch with me via info@vickyecarter.com if you would like yours done too.

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