Southport Weekender Festival

I loved reporting on the Southport Weekender Festival at Finsbury Park recently for Winkball. With an eclectic array of legendary DJ’s and music acts from the areas of Soul, House, Boogie and Jazz (just to name a few), both artists and attendees came together to celebrate good music in a wonderfully welcoming environment. The likes of Soul II Soul, Sister Sledge featuring Kathy Sledge and DJ Jazzie Jeff played at the festival.

Mi-Soul Radio (the station I used to present on with George Kay on Breakfast and briefly on Drive-Time with Ronnie Herel) had their own arena and the tent was heaving already at 4pm in the afternoon; packed out full of party goers, sweating from mad dance moves and glowing smiles on their faces. Each Mi-Soul DJ made the tent their own as they played classic songs and intertwined them with new songs and MC’ing to keep the crowd pumped.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Gordon Mac, Ronnie Herel and Mike Vitti, all from Mi-Soul, as well as Alex from Jazzanova and DJ Spen. 

Watch the full video below:

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