News, Radio and Journalism

Whilst I was interviewing a group of media and arts students recently at Chelmsford College for both the Mid-Morning and Breakfast show on BBC Essex, (one was for a feature on the influences of the social media app Instagram and the other was for a feature posing if knitting was a generational interest), I met the wonderful journalism lecturer Hayley, who asked if I could give a careers talk on the upcoming Industry Day on “News, Radio and Journalism”. I of course, jumped at the chance to be able to work with younger generations, and hopefully help and advise them in some way. With a background in teaching and workshop facilitation, I always find working with young people rewarding, that I can utilise my own experiences to help shape their future.

Although my experience within the media world has been albeit brief, (I started on my real journey into media in August 2015), alas only 3 and a half years, my experience has been varied with several different publications and radio stations. I’ve taken internships with Trine Magazine, London Focus, Globe of Love and freelanced for The News Hub and Public Pressure. I’ve had experience at Round House Radio, Insanity Radio and BBC Surrey, which led me on to work at Eagle Radio, eagle3, KLFM, Mi-Soul Radio, Love Sport Radio, INRIX broadcasting for several stations, Women’s Radio Station and now BBC Essex. I’ve presented for Axiom International and Winkball. I’ve learnt to develop my varied skill set and adapt to different work environments on a regular basis, sometimes daily, depending where I am working or what I am working as.

This is my exact job title (if you are wondering): Presenter/Producer/Reporter/Researcher/Journalism Co-ordinator/Traffic Broadcaster/Podcast Host/Writer/Workshop Facilitator/Teacher

It is a little long, and a bit of a mouthful, but in my presentation, I highlighted the importance of being diverse, of adapting to new positions, places and people, because let’s face it, change is inevitable in our lives. It’s just how you react to it. I highlighted the importance and dangers of social media (all that social media online safety talks I once gave for Eagle Radio coming back to me!) as well as what life as a freelancer really is like, and the experiences of internships and work experience, from someone who has recently been through it. There are many routes into the world of media and mine was a particularly unusual one, but I hope at least one person took something away with them, thus I have done my job.

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