Maldon Mud Race

Ever heard of a group of people running through wet sinking mud in low tide? Well that is what you do at the Maldon Mud Race, dashing through 500 metres of thick mud over the bed of the River Blackwater. The race began in 1973 when a regular at a local pub was challenged to serve a meal in a dinner jacket on the river bed. The bet soon escalated and so has the craziness of the challenge.

Me being me, I am always up for a challenge and this adrenaline filled event as bonkers as it is, appealed to me! Both BBC Essex breakfast presenters, Ben Fryer and Sonia Watson, decided to take up the run and I decided to do the same after quickly putting it on my bucket list soon after hearing about it.

The event attracts thousands of spectators and thousands of money is raised for wonderful local charities. This was the only thing that really spurred me on whilst I was sinking through the thick sticky mud smelling of eggs as the sun beat down on me. If you are thinking about it, do the race as it is exhilarating and definitely a physical and mental challenge, something unlike I have ever done before. Although, it is exhausting, that’s for sure.