Flying Over London

If you ever want to fall in love with a city, I suggest you take a helicopter flight over the area and view its organised chaos from above. Many locals fall out of love for their city, it could be because of the extortionate prices of living, the continuous traffic jams on every street corner, or the lack of interest you have for the place after living there for a few years.

If you soar above the city, you breathe in the city sights in a new perspective.

Today, I flew in a helicopter ride over London, which is a completely different experience to learning how to fly a helicopter, that’s for sure.

Sitting with a trusted pilot, he took us speedily with ease to the big city, passing empty fields and neatly rowed terraced houses either side of us as we drew closer to the jungle of architecture. With confidence he picked out key sights to us with his trained eye, the bridges that crossed the Thames, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and easy to spot, The Shard.

I noticed the deer that stood stagnant in Richmond park, rowers enthusiastically passing under Putney Bridge and The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace. The jigsaw puzzle of historical buildings with traditional architecture, shiny symmetrical modern buildings, trains pulling attentively into stations and the variety of open green spaces took my breath away.

I could see why so many people believe it is the best city in the world.


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