Let’s Go Kickass Today: Rozalla, Clementina Allende Iriarte and Chris Haycock

A monthly podcast talking to inspirational people from the fields of Music, Adventure and Culture. In this episode I chat to musician Rozalla about how her career developed, touring with legends like Michael Jackson and Billy Ocean, the music industry today, and her new song, “Turn on the Light”. I also chat to Clementina Allende Iriarte about being deaf in the arts and sports world, her experiences as an actress and how she accidentally started playing for the Westcliff Rugby Team and the England Women’s Rugby team too. Finally, I speak to Chris Haycock about how he overcame homelessness and the homelessness crisis, how became a CEO for his own company, Cliqto Media, as well as the incredible outreach work he does with Kipbag (check out their website here). 

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