Looking back at 2019

I am quite astounded with how much I have grown and developed in just one year.  I feel that this year has been the most pivotal in my own personal journey into self love, self confidence and development as well as my career, which is fitting for the end of the decade. 2018 was an instrumental year of change in my life, whilst this year, it has been growth.

Looking back at my resolutions for 2019 they were: to have more me time, to try balance life just a little smoother and to not settle for anything less then I deserve. I will be honest, I don’t think I have necessarily had much me time in 2019 (the only time I can think of was for my birthday where I took myself off to Cornwall for a few days to walk, surf and sleep, but hey I guess that is better than nothing!) But I have started to try balance life a little smoother, feeling more confident in being able to say no to social events because of exhaustion and work commitments and feeling stronger in that decision.

One thing I am proud of this year which I have most definitely done, is not settle for anything less then I deserve. 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have even recognised I was settling for less, a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even questioned it and now, I finally recognise my own worth and boy is it powerful.

I’ve stopped entertaining people who don’t treat me with respect or the attention I deserve, who don’t adhere to my values or interests. I’ve cut out toxic energy through people who drain my soul and negatively impact my life and I’ve make key steps to areas of my life where I am not happy so I can grow and develop even further. And this is just the beginning of this journey of self discovery, which is even more exciting.

Bucket list ticked off:

  • Drove across Canada
  • Took part in the Maldon Mud Race


  • I spent a whole year in one fixed job – all with a pigeon hole, paid holiday and sick days (which is a shock previously being a full time freelancer) and all for the BBC
  • I reported live for BBC 5live and BBC Surrey and Sussex on a tragic murder in my local area, being quoted on BBC News
  • I wrote an article for The Independent on a subject that was close to my heart
  • Launched my own podcast, “Let’s Go Kickass Today” which I produce, present and edit myself, all about my passions and my motto on life, reaching 10 episodes with incredible guests
  • I started freelancing for BBC Radio 2

  • For the 3rd time in a row I filmed at the Audio Production Awards, interviewing talented people within the audio world
  • I reported on Clacton pier for BBC Essex, from a waxing salon whilst getting my legs waxed and eating a mince pie on air and then trying to burn it off in a park! I was a voice over for the Cricket on BBC Essex and I interviewed women about engineering and school children about cricket
  • I presented live on BBC Essex for BBC Essex Quest and I chat every morning at 5:10am with Rob Jelly on the Early Breakfast show
  • I was interviewed on solo travel for BBC Suffolk
  • I filmed at events I love, like the Festival of Confidence and the Super Women Launch night
  • I was invited to the House of Lords to learn more about FGM
  • I started doing stand up as a comedian 

  • Too Much of a Person project came out and I saw myself through someone else’s eyes
  • I became a member of Women in Journalism and finally recognised my skill set as a journalist
  • I felt confident enough to pitch my ideas to network radio stations and national circulations
  • I was asked to speak at the Festival of Confidence event in the New Year about being too much and not giving up in your career

  • I had an empowering photoshoot which gave me wonders for my self confidence


  • I drove across Canada with my best friend
  • I spent a weekend in Stockholm with my Mum
  • I surfed in Cornwall
  • I explored Copenhagen with one of my closest friends
  • I moved from one side of London to another

My lists highlight just how much time I have dedicated to my career this year and you won’t be surprised to learn, that I plan to invest more time and energy into my career than ever before in 2020, doing more of what I love and creating a life I truly live for. As ever, my To Do list continues this year with full strength and vigour, but I guess my main New Year goals this year are: to do my showreels, (as I have been putting them off for many years) to write more, and to be more selfish, putting my needs first and being clear about what I want, and deserve.

I’m feeling pretty kickass about 2020, I hope you are too!

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