Alcoholics in Lockdown on BBC Essex

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a report of what life is like for alcoholics in lockdown. I have been researching, sourcing and interviewing a number of people about their experiences of living with an active alcoholic in lockdown or what life is like as a recovering alcoholic during lockdown.

I put together questions for Dave Monk and he interviewed some of those individuals about their experiences on BBC Essex. 

He first speaks with “Susan” from South Essex about her partner’s drinking patterns, Joseph from Uttlesford about the depths drinking took him, and Marc from Chelmsford who spoke about his daily habits.

This then inspired listeners to text in the show and call up too; sharing their own personal experiences, which I believe is what speech radio is all about, educating and empowering people, creating a connection over topics I am passionate about.

It is a piece that is personal to me because of my own family’s relationship with alcohol and I am passionate about highlighting that it is an illness.

Thank you to Producer Stu and Station Editor Lou for giving me the opportunity to put the piece together.

Listen here: