Self Isolation Together Documentary

As coronavirus swept the world by storm; countries, politicians and individuals responded in different ways.

Some of us continued to work as key workers like myself, doing what we could for the community. Others worked from home, or experienced furlough for the first time.

Our energy shifted and our attention focused on what we could do to reach out to other people and support them in new ways. Also focusing on our own development in the process too, whether that be through self reflection, baking, exercise classes, or pushing our creativity in new ways we hadn’t explored before.

I was delighted to be interviewed and part of the documentary created by my very talented friend, Itteshad Hossain, a documentary film maker, storyteller and videographer, who collated interviews from around the world of individuals in isolation, titled “Self Isolation Together“. He collates interviews with UK based scientists, doctors and journalists, the individual who conceptualised the “clap for carers“, as well as people as far as Egypt, America, Canada, Brazil, and even as far as Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated from.

Watching this documentary, it feels as if a movie, however, the scary truth is, that it is in fact, our real lives.

You can watch the trailer here: